Kill Them All

A Simon Jahaz Tale Episode 2

When the invaders arrive, kill them all!

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

October 31, 1471

Gold Coast

Elapsed Mission Time: 11 Hours, 57 Minutes, 24 Seconds

“I’m not even going to count to three, Simon,” Mr. Hanks, seething over the deaths of three good men.

Disciplined men. His men.

The Mammoth private military contractor observed each of his KIA disappear into nothingness. Each Eco One member killed in action snapped back forward to the year 2137.

Back to the Ghana of the future. Back to the West African country of their own present.

See, once all vital signs cease, their respective mission time clocks automatically notch down to zero. An instant return trip home through that temporal wormhole.

It was Mammoth’s failsafe. No man gets left behind, thus risking a time paradox.

That included any equipment, too. Everything.

“Now step out to face me,” Hanks ordered. “Unarmed.”

Simon Jahaz, Corporate Enemy Number One, had to think fast. If not, it would mean the loss of his sweet Woelinam.

“Simon!” Hanks was getting impatient.

“Alright, I’m coming out,” Jahaz surrendered with pulse rifle held above his head. “Don’t hurt her.”

“Now gently place it on the ground,” Hanks suddenly calmed his voice. “Then walk back two steps.”

It’s not her, Jahaz thought while complying. He’s picked the wrong woman. Thank God.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Woelinam had faithfully obeyed her future husband’s last instructions. She’d, in fact, remained completely still, keeping herself “invisible” to the remaining five soldiers of fortune now surrounding him.

The ancestors have sent me one of their own to love and protect me, the West African woman thought in her native language of Twi. How else could this miraculous covering hide her from these “evil men?”

Now what she didn’t know, was what Kwabena (an alias Simon Jahaz gave her) intentionally opted not tell her. The real reason he wanted her not to move a muscle was due to the digital sniper’s cloaking ghillie suit being biometrically coded to his own unique DNA.

So, yeah, if he wore the suit, it’d work all day, every day. Of course, it wouldn’t do jack for the love of his life.

Therefore, she stayed, in that crouched stance, not even moving to scratch an itch on her ebony face. However, she could clearly see and hear the tall, very angry man holding a strange weapon against the head of a neighbor, a close friend.

Afia, she thought while fearing for the daughter of their chieftain. How will Kwabena help her?

Fernão Gomes

“First, a question,” Simon Jahaz kept both hands raised above his head.

“Shut up, and kneel down,” Mr. Hanks’s left forearm hooked the young woman’s neck.

“Do you know who she is?” Jahaz got down on his knees. “Who her father is?”

“I know she means something to you.”

“Second question,” Jahaz prayed Woelinam would stay hidden. “Ever heard of Fernão Gomes?”

“I’ve got orders to put you down,” Hanks smirked. “But I’m thinking you’re worth more alive; hell, with the intel you can give Corporate back home.”

“Please, talk to me.”

“Gomes, is a Portuguese sailor.”

“Yeah, the first of many colonizers to come.”

“And your point is?”

“You’re right about one thing,” Jahaz stared Mr. Hanks dead in his eyes. “My intel’s worth more than all of the gold here.”

“You’re just another terrorist,” Hanks dismissed the unarmed man. “A cheeky hustler, out to cash in on what’s not yours.”

“Call me Simon,” Jahaz maintained his poker face. “And yours?”

“Mister Hanks.”

“Doesn’t sound like an Ashanti name to me.”

“On a need to know, wanker.”

“You mercs are all the same; blindly serving any master who’ll pay the highest.”

“And let me guess; you’re on a mission from God.”

“No, just here to prevent the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade.”

“And in the bloody process, murdered three of my mates.”

“This isn’t going to end the way you’ve planned,” Jahaz said.

“Is that so now?”

“Things have already been set in motion.”

“Even if you did succeed, have you ever considered the millions, hell, billions of lives in jeopardy?”

“You mean erased from existence?”

“I mean murdered,” Hanks said. “You included.”

“I’ve accepted the consequences of my actions,” Jahaz said. “Have you?”

Bow down to the Man

“Take back my daughter!” Simon Jahaz’s contact lenses translated Sunni Ali Ber’s command. “Now, I say!” A small portion of his troops went in on the invaders.

Before Mr. Hanks could negotiate his female hostage, four male warriors rushed up and violently disarmed the hired gun. It sounded like a broken arm.

While two of them restrained the captor, the other pair secured Afia, the first born of their master. Not a mark or bruise on the 20-year old girl.

Simultaneously, the remaining legion easily apprehended the other four killers from the future. They lost a few from the strange weapons but still got the upper hand.

Simon Jahaz stayed in the kneeling position with raised hands. He knew better than to speak out of turn.

“Now kill them,” Ber said. “Kill them all!”

Copyright 2018

To be continued. . . 

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