Ladies Love A Man With A Plan

Just some quick game to share with you fellas.

Through all the utter chaos that’s going on with the women in our country, there are still some decent women out here that are dating/marriage material.

And guess what? They crave structure. That’s where you come in.

When you encounter women on the street or at your job, it’s imperative that you perceive that you’re a man on a mission.

Whether it’s moving up the corporate ladder or starting your own business, ladies love ambition. There’s some about your hustle and passion that makes ladies take a deeper look at your program.

And what makes you distinct from other men? You have a program!

When it comes to dating/mating, women must know that a man is all about something. You don’t have to be a millionaire nor have high status.

As long as they can see the drive in you, many of them will be susceptible to your plan.

Now, here’s how you get them involved.

When inquiring about a date, talk to them as if you’re recruiting them for a position at your company! Think of the date as an interview.

Make yourself the prize.

It’s about giving them the feeling of being a part of something great; you need her help to fulfill to dream. Make sense?

This way, you don’t always seem available and it kind of makes you seem rather important (you should be anyhow.)

On a quick note, it’s a great way to get noticed by women without approaching. Your demeanor can reach a plethora of good women if portrayed correctly.

Always stay on the move and always stay busy—a woman is watching somewhere!

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