The Black Man’s Revenge

How to stop simping in 24 hours


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The Black Man’s Guide To Dating
White Girls & Other Non-Black
Women By Donovan Sharpe

As a black male living in the U.S., it
took me a little while to come to grips
with the reality that my race changes
a lot of different things whenpursuing
women. There’s nothing unique or
special about me, but it would be
disingenuous of me not to acknowledge
that my skin tone does have
advantages and disadvantages within
the sexual marketplace.

How to stop simping
in 24 hours

In this increasingly gynocentric
society in which we find
ourselves today, feminism
and the feminist agenda are
raging at an all-time high
across all facets of life.
This includes our government
in the form of passing of
laws, polices or practices that
inherently unfair to men.

The Wild

The spirit of fight. The
timeless striving of man
to persevere and fight against
impossible odds is woven into
the very fibreof who we are.
The unity of the paradoxical
relationship between man and
nature defines us, the fighting
spirit and the indisputable
necessity forlife propels
us through…

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