The Black Man’s Revenge

How to stop simping in 24 hours


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    The Black Man’s Guide To Dating White Girls & Other Non-Black Women
    By Donovan Sharpe

    As a black male living in the U.S., it took me a little while to come to grips with the reality that my race changes a lot of different things when pursuing women. There’s nothing unique or special about me, but it would be disingenuous of me not to acknowledge that my skin tone does have advantages and disadvantages within the sexual marketplace.

    Having been raised in a military family, race didn’t really seem to play much of a role in anything on base. People and families were judged strictly on credentials and ranks which were posted near the doors of the family living quarters just below the family name. Because of this I was just about as oblivious to the racial issues of the outside world as one could be but all that changed when I became a civilian at 16 due to my folks splitting up.

    When I first took the brother pill (also known as ”the red pill” in other areas of the manosphere) and started talking to women on the regular, I had that same naive mentality. I never once asked myself “Is my race a factor with girls?” Sure, I knew there were some differences but not enough to make me think I had to make any radical changes so I just dove in headfirst and let the chips fall where they may.

    How to stop simping in 24 hours

    In this increasingly gynocentric society in which we find ourselves today, feminism and the feminist agenda are raging at an all-time high across all facets of life. This includes our government in the form of passing of laws, polices or practices that inherently unfair to men.

    Examples of these include things such as maternal states. What is a maternal state? It is a state that by law, children are automatically awarded custody to the mother by default. No consideration is given to the father. The mothers gain default custody irrespective of their ability to provide for them. This is reinforced by unfair laws like alimony and child support. Practices such as charging women with the same crime as men only fifty percent of the time, as well as giving them sixty percent less jail or prison time when they are convicted of the same crimes as men, serves to further the point that men are valued less than women.

    The media also plays its part to varying degrees to ensure the feminism and the gynocentric nature of our society prevails. Hollywood gender swaps characters. They remake movies with all female casts. Men on television shows are shown as weak. Fathers on television shows, especially those that feature black casts, are always depicted as hapless, dimwitted, clueless, and in need of a woman to save or otherwise legitimize him.

    Surviving The Wild

    The spirit of fight. The timeless striving of man to persevere and fight against impossible odds is woven into the very fibre of who we are. The unity of the paradoxical relationship between man and nature defines us, the fighting spirit and the indisputable necessity for life propels us through time. It is the undoubtedly the defining mark of man – the eternal movement towards success and achievement, through unparalleled difficulties that the world throws at us. It is this very drive and a stubborn negation of defeat through which mankind flourished as the ages passed, propelled through time by an incessant fire of life, the driving commotion within us that gave birth to a crowning desire for life and continuance. And as the ages of crucial achievements are clouded in mists of the ruthlessness of passing time, and men are forgotten and their toils and plights vanished into insignificance, one single thing ardently remains embedded in the firmament of every man. The primal, ancient ability to exploit the troubled relation between himself and the wild, to adapt and survive.


    It’s in open secret these days that in 2018, women are as bad a bet as they have ever been in human history. Not only do they make bad wives and girlfriends, they make terrible mothers and barely pass the eyeball test in terms of being even a half decent human being. The hard truth is that women are inferior to men in every way. They’re smaller, weaker, less intelligent (despite what the “education” numbers say which will be addressed later), more impulsive, less rational, and so forth. The list goes on and on.

    We don’t need statistics or studies to prove any of these assertions. One need only walk outside and live life. It’s easy to see that women simply aren’t as capable as men. Even with every conceivable advantage available to them, they still fall way behind as far as the “Battle of the sexes” goes.

    All of this female “accomplishment” has inflated their already oversized egos to the point where many of them declare that “They don’t need no man!” Yet, when the shit hits the fan, they’re not calling women to help them, they’re calling men.

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