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Lazy Black Business Partners

A young brother recently asked a very serious and controversial question about Lazy Black Business Partners.

Image result for black man thinkingI have a serious problem. I am in the ICT industry and always try to partner up with fellow black ICT business people but these guys are too lazy. At our meetings, they always include topics unrelated to business such as women and cars. This is very frustrating. Most of these guys do not even have a business portfolio that I can use to convince clients to do business with them. Most of my successes come with me working with white ICT business people. As a pro-black empowerment man who is also a capitalist, should abandon black business owners because I want my company to survive and it cannot survive by partnering up with most black business people.
What would you do?
Thank you.

The obvious answer to your question is simple. Not politically correct, but simple. You have to do what’s best for your business. In business, prosperity is gained by choosing the best people for the job, regardless of color, ethnicity, or background. And although we would love to exclusively help those in our respective tribes, doing so my spell disaster for your business. Always remember… To whom much is given, much is required… Nothing should be just handed to anyone. Especially if they are not qualified to maintain what they are granted. Also, you would be doing a great disservice to the brother(s)/sister(s) who are not taking their business as seriously as you.

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You never know what the future holds. Your decision to not do business with them may be the wake up call they need to step up their game. And who knows. Maybe later on, down the road (after they are more qualified to the task) you can do business with them. However, for now, I would focus on picking those who are more suited to the job.


Wanting to collaborate with people of your own tribe is fine… And wanting to help the less fortunate people of your own tribe is a noble thing. But don’t do so at the determent of yourelf. Because you definitely can’t help anyone if you’re fucked up.

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