Lazy Or Not? The Reality of The Nigerian Youths

The problem with most Nigerian youths is that they are so quick to join the bandwagon. They don’t research. They don’t read. They don’t study. They don’t investigate. They don’t think on their own. They depend so much on the thinking of other people and the supposedly intelligent few to make their decisions. It is so pitiable that most of us younger Nigerians cannot stand on our own or make unbiased judgements. Once someone says ‘crucify him’, we begin to say ‘I support’ without thinking much. We are as soft as an impotent penis.


I still want to maintain that there is nothing wrong when the president of a country chooses to be sincere. They said Muhammadu Buhari insulted Nigerian youths by calling them lazy on the international stage. They said he shouldn’t have said that. That he should have lied. That he shouldn’t have washed their dirty linen in public. These stupid Nigerians know that they have a dirty linen to wash. They want a truthful president. But they want him to lie about their excesses. There is a universal truth: people tend to love you when you do whatever they want for them.


Personally, I don’t think there is anything serious in a president calling ‘some’ of his citizens lazy, if they are truly lazy. We, as Nigerian youths, know very well that there are some of us who don’t like to do anything. We know some who just like to roam the streets and just smoke weed and drink and have sex. They just want to wake up and do nothing and even expect the government to pay them for doing nothing. They are in our society. Are we going to say we haven’t heard about ghost workers in the Nigerian civil service? People who wake up and do nothing then collect salary at the end of the month.


We keep making noise that Muhammadu Buhari is not good. We keep making noise that the government is bad. We keep portraying our leaders in bad light. But, we the youths, and the citizens, are the initiators of this bad leadership that we now turn around to complain about. Recently in Nigeria, the internet has been burning furiously on the case between a student and a lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University. The leaked audio revealed that the lecturer wants to have sex with the student before passing her. Now, this kind of lecturer has probably opened his filthy mouth to condemn the government in the past. But, he is also corrupt.


Nigerian youths are complaining about Buhari but they have their own issues too. That is why I have been asking them to shut up their filthy mouths and think about how to make their lives better. Okay, please, in all sincerity, having God as our witness, are there not some among us who are truly lazy? Was the president lying? Iti ogede l’oro yi koto ohun tan yo ada si. It is a very simple matter that doesn’t require any complex approach. Why are we developing headache because of a very simple matter? Why do we want to hug transformer because Buhari said the truth?


Why are we calling for Buhari’s head? ‘More than 60 percent of the population is below 30, a lot of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria is an oil producing country, therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, healthcare, education for free’. Is there anything wrong about the statement above? Although the president missed the question he was being asked, he spoke about the reality of the Nigerian youths and their entitlement mentality. Although there is nothing wrong about it if the youths expect the government to make things easy for them, we still have taken the issue like a matter of life and death by shouting on social media.


Buhari is absolutely correct and sincere. We need to change our mentality and improve ourselves. You all know the truth. We don’t have to keep deceiving ourselves. We may not appreciate his sincerity now that he is in power. We’ll probably appreciate it when he is out of power. Nigerians never appreciate the ruling government until they are out. Those of us who want to work are working, but many others don’t want to go to school or work at all, that’s the gospel truth, unless we want to continue deceiving ourselves. Meanwhile, as I conclude, I want to remind Muhammadu Buhari not to forget the promises he made to Nigerians. Nigerians still need stable electricity, good roads, security, good healthcare, quality education, and even potable water. God bless Nigeria!

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