LeBron James says no one wants to cancel the NBA season, despite official report

LeBron took on social media and hinted that NBA execs are only covering their own interests while neglecting the players and staff health and safety. More specifically, Mr. James’ issue comes from a CNBC report which cites multiple anonymous NBA execs and NBA player agents who have expressed serious concern about restarting the season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, returning on the court and finishing the season would be too costly for the owners as well:

“What [owners] are saying is, ’If we return, where is the revenue that is going to justify the additional cost of returning?” one team executive said. “They are looking at the cost side versus the revenue side. What revenue comes in now?

LeBron, however, feels that the situation is entirely different and execs are only playing the victim card.

“Saw some reports about execs and agents wanting to cancel season??? That’s absolutely not true,” Bron said.

“Nobody I know saying anything like that. As soon as it’s safe we would like to finish our season. I’m ready and our team is ready. Nobody should be canceling anything.”

It is unclear why the NBA superstar is doubtful of the decision but the truth is probably in the middle. On the other hand, Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban previously spoke about wanting to get the season going again, but firmly mentioned that he will only support a plan in which everyone is safe, fans, players, and staff included.

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