Lessons Learned From The Summer 2019 North Philly Shootout

“The most disrespected woman in America, is the Black Woman.
The most un-protected person in America is the Black Woman.
The most neglected person in America, is the Black Woman.”
-Malcolm X

The above quote is of course, from the late civil rights leader and activist, Malcolm X. It is frequently cited in arguments made by a vocal contingent of Black women active on social media and as well, by at least some Black men – all in service to the notion that Black men, as a group, have somewhere failed to “provide for and protect” the Black woman, writ large. It is often cited as a counterpoint to the arguments made by the Black Manosphere, a collection of websites, blogs and social media platforms, devoted to Black male countercultural viewpoints, such as this one (and isn’t always interesting how Black men are always seen as a “collective” when it suits Black women to do so? Of course, these same Black women will demand to be seen as individuals. Oh, the irony!). It informs today’s column.

This time last year, Black women were heard complaining on social media like YouTube and Facebook, about how they weren’t being protected by Black men, complete with a spate of World Star Hip Hop-style videos of Black women around the country being assaulted in some manner or another, by both Black and White men. The implication was obvious: Black men as a collective, had fallen down on the job in protecting Black women. Those videos and the often shrieking commentary that followed by noisy Black female social media personalities, continued well into this year.

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at approximately 4.30 PM EDT, Philadelphia Police officers were attempting to serve a narcotics warrant at the home of one Mr. Maurice “Gruff” Hill, a 36 year old Black man with a nearly two-decades long criminal record that included various gun offenses, drugs trafficking and violence. Hill’s response to Philly’s finest was to spray an estimated 100 rounds from his AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle, into a neighborhood that housed nearly 80 children in the various daycare centers that lined the immediate area – the resulting lockdown imposed by the police meant that those kids couldn’t be picked up by their parents for hours. Moreover, the Black women in the area, where in effect, held hostage by a career criminal – a neighbor’s door camera showed a Black woman walking by Hill’s home and only moments later shots rang out, narrowly missing the aforementioned lady. An eight hour standoff between Hill and the PPD ensued and kept the entire city on edge. After conferring with his lawyer, Mr. Shaka Johnson, Hill finally surrended to police around midnight without incident.

What does a quote by a long dead and famed activist, a bunch of social media videos featuring Black women being attacked and a recent shootout have to do with a dating column aimed at Today’s Black Man? Quite a bit, as it would turn out. Read on…

While everyone will take up various angles on the shootout in North Philly last week – including but limited in any way solely to, racism, corrupt and/or inept policing and of course, poverty as a driving engine of crime – what no one in polite society, Black or White, will ask, is the following two questions:

1. What kind of Black man is OK with his woman and/or children, live in such a crime-ridden area, like the Tioga/Nicetown section of Philadelphia?


2. What kind of Black woman is OK with partnering with, mating and reproducing with, such a Black man?

If you, dear reader, dare to pose these questions aloud amongst a group of Black Americans, you will be certain to be met with derision and scorn. But the adverse and florid reaction on the part of other Black folks, only serves to prove the obvious point here.

But, since this is a column devoted to Black men and NOT Black women per se, we will focus our attention on the first question, especially in light of the aforementioned spate of incidents where Black women were left “unprotected”. Fair enough.

Whether Black women are willing to openly admit it or not, there ARE huge differences between those Black men who can and will protect a Black woman; and those who can’t and/or won’t. I am writing this column aimed at Black men who are clearly in the former camp. And in so doing, I will once again prove the point, that far too many Black women simply aren’t interested in partnering with a Competent Black Man who is about his business and knows how to see to it that the women who are with him, are in fact, safe.

So, with all that said, let’s begin!

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Yes, it is true – it is the responsibility and duty of any man, to see to the personal safety and security of any woman he is with – be that for a night, a weekend fling, a “friends with benefits” arrangement, a marriage, a live-in lover relationship, a “sugar daddy/sugar baby” deal, etc. This is the time-honored deal between ANY man and woman in a sexual and/or romantic context – his provisioning, resources, status and protection, for her youth, beauty fertility and cooperation/submissiveness. It is something observed throughout the planet’s animal species. And it is so for humans.

No matter how many Black Bum Males, attempt to argue and harangue otherwise on social media.

Black men who fail at their duty in this regard, are truly pathetic and should not be befriended – there, I’ve said it. It has long been the case – and rightly so, I might add – that should the situation call for it, that a Black man must be prepared to lay down his life in the defense and protection of his woman – end of. ANY Black man who balks at this duty, is NOT a Black man worthy of any Competent Black Man & Gentleman’s company or association, full stop.

HOWEVER, there is a bit of “fine print” here that must be gone over and examined – as well as the role that Black women must play in order to qualify for said security and protection, whatever the arrangement and understanding she has with a CBM. We will get to that in the next section of today’s column. But first, the business of this section.

While it is a given that a Black man should have some measure of self-defense training and retain at least some degree of proficiency at it throughout the course of his life, what is often overlooked on these matters is that security and protection of one’s woman extends far beyond more close quarters combat. After studying these matters and conferring with many professional soldiers, special forces operators, bouncers, bodyguards, martial artists and the like, I have come to the conclusion that the very first thing to consider, is what the old adage the real estate world holds dear: location, location, location. And, using my hometown Philly as a case in point, security and protection of your woman really IS a matter of where you live. The Tioga/Nicetown section of Philly, as expressed on this excellent crime data map put out by the Phildelphia Inquirer newspaper/website, makes the point clear. In a section that contains just over 17K residents, almost 16K of those are Black; the median income is just under $25K USD a year; the poverty rate is nearly 31%; and and those without a high school diploma, is at 21%. In the past week alone, there have been nine “aggravated assaults with firearm” and five robberies – and two of those involved guns. There was also a reported rape, on Aug 15, 2019 – one day after the 2019 North Philly Shootout.

Compare and contrast with, say, the West Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, again using the Philadelphia Inquirer crime data map, for the same time period; as you can see, there are approximately 5.5K Blacks, along with 5.9K Whites. 447 Asians, 367 Hispanics and 629 “Multi-racials” round out the roughly 13K residents of this section of Philly. Clearly, the more diverse population plays a role in a safer environment – evidenced in part by very low overall crime rate there – the last time a homicide took place there, was back in 2011, nearly a decade ago. Income and education play a significant role as well – note that the median income of West Mt. Airy is nearly three times that of Tioga/Nicetown. The poverty rate is only one third that of Tioga/Nicetown and those without a high school degree? A mere 5% – one fourth of what it is in Tioga/Nicetown.

So, by merely using some simple metrics of my own hometown in real time, we can safely say that while it is useful, helpful and wise for a Black man to know how to “throw hands” as well as being proficient in the use of some form of weapon, be that ranged, melee, improvised or all of the above, what is also very clear from the data is that location plays a critical, even MORE important role, when it comes to safety and security of one’s woman and if applicable, family (read: children).

The Obsidians know this and know it well and understand that the single best way they can provide security and safety for their women and families, is to PREPARE THEMSELVES ACCORDINGLY. This means that they acquire all the education they can; failing that, they acquire all of the vocational and technical training they can – because these skills will enable a Black man the ability to live a much better quality of life, which will per force translate into added safety and security for any woman he chooses to partner with.

A Competent Black Man and Gentleman being able to offer security and safety to a Black woman is a huge advantage and asset – and no such Black man should EVER forget it. If you ever need a refresher, just look at what happened here in Philly in the summer of 2019!

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And now my brothers, we come to the really good part – that of the Uncooperative Black Woman. I put it that way because, as Gentlemen, we understand that NOT ALL Black women are uncooperative; but, the evidence clearly shows us that, A LOT of Black women ARE uncooperative – and they have a powerful role to play in their own safety and security as well. How so, you might ask? Consider the following:

1. YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BLACK WOMEN WHO HAVE NOT SUBMITTED TO YOU. This is hugely important, because the very same Black women seen squawking on social media talking about how Black women aren’t “being protected by Black men collectively” more often than not, have not themselves, submitted to a Black man worth a damn – if they did, they wouldn’t be on social media, now would they? Cooperative Black women understand that in order to get, you must give – and they know that to live in nice, affluent, safe and secure areas under the leadership and protection of Competent Black Men, they have to be willing to listen to his advice and submit to his direction. This means, among other things:

2. NOT GOING INTO “NO-GO ZONES”. As I have aptly demonstrated above with the interactive Philly crime data map, there are clear and present areas or zones of every city where a Competent Black Man’s woman should not be – alone, at least. This is true for the daytime and especially at night – remember, that the shootout in North Philly took place in broad daylight right at rush hour! A Gentleman will arrange it such that his woman will not need to venture into these clearly dangerous zones for any reason, unless accompanied by him or a trusted protector. Uncooperative Black women, on the other hand, are drama queens and thrillseekers, drawn to such dangerous areas like a moth to a flame. Such Black women are to be avoided by Thinking Black Men like the plague.

3. NOT BEING OUT AT LATE OR ODD HOURS. Many Black women, being staunchly uncooperative, hold the view that they can go anywhere they want and at any time of the day or night that they want, either with their “homegirls” or alone. They are free to do so – but they cannot expect Gentlemen such as us to pull their bacon out of the fire. No, Ma’am! The way we run our homes is simple: if you are not back home by or before midnight, YOU ARE LOCKED OUT. Don’t like it? GO LIVE ON YOUR OWN and be prepared to get your own security – I’d recommend hiring a bodyguard. Oh, that leads me to my personal favorite:

4. WEARING CLOTHING AND COLORS THAT GET BLACK WOMEN INTO TROUBLE. This is a huge part of safety and security and like the above point, one that UBW really like to flaunt, under some warped rubric of “feminism” – well, ladies, “feminism” wasn’t there to help those Black women out when that knucklehead was letting off 100 rounds and shooting six cops last week, now were they? Many Black women love to wear the most revealing clothing possible in the least civilized areas of town, then when they get what they asked for, demand that Good Black Men do some “bystander intervention”. Uh, I DON’T THINK SO – because any Black woman worth her salt that is with one of the Obsidians knows and understands that what she wears, how she acts and what she says, alongside where she goes, all play a make or break role in her ultimate safety and security. In fact, the Cooperative Black Woman understands that she can protect herself AND her man, by being very mindful of how she looks while going out alone and where. Many a Black man has found himself in the ICU of the local hospital or on a coroner’s slab, behind an UBW “wearing/saying/doing WTF I wanna!”. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU, BLACK MAN.

There’s more, but you get the point. Black women, whether they want to admit it or not, are not passive victims; they too have a very important role to play in their own security and protection. The burning question is: are they willing to submit to Good Black Men in order to get it?

Time, will tell.

Now adjourn your asses…


Mumia Obsidian Ali is a citizen journalist, podcaster, talk radio show host and newly minted dating coach. You can catch his daily live shows on Mixlr, and his podcasts on YouTube and Black Avenger TV, as well as his weekly dating coach column at the Negromanosphere website. He’s also a semi-professional pest.

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