Male strength vs. Female strength

“Strong women” these days are being touted as the best option for men. Wife up a strong woman and you’ll never have problems! She can lift you up when you’re down! She’ll challenge you to be your best! And on and on and on.

No thanks, hun. I’ll pass.


The problem is, these women are only good options in movies and television and the relationships that occur on screen are fictional and false. A marriage or long term relationship with a woman who is “strong”, has a career, and attempts to exhibit masculine level strength never works out…ever.

Let’s take a look at male strength, how females try to emulate it, and why it doesn’t work for them.

Physical Strength

Male strength is fairly simple and straight forward. The things that make a man strong have to be earned which means it takes discipline and experience to build real world masculine strength.


Men are born bigger, faster, and stronger than women. The disparity in terms of raw physical strength between men and women is vast. Men can further cultivate this strength by lifting weights, taking up a martial art, or any number of things that builds up his body and makes him physically stronger. Men like this are revered and respected throughout the world because a physically strong male is more attractive, and more capable of defending himself and protecting his woman and offspring from danger. Not to mention they’re feared (which is another form of respect).

An excellent way to build physical strength


Women attempt to copy this physical strength by touting themselves as physical equals. Again movies and television consistently portrays women fighting toe to toe with men and most of the time winning those fights. Females want the reverence, respect, and the fear that strong men have as those are favorable things to have as a person. Where the disconnect happens is that women simply cannot elicit those same feelings regardless of how many steroids they pump themselves up with.

I remember discussing MMA with a with a female a while back. ESPN had put up a poll asking people who would in in a fight: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. or Ronda Rousey. Not surprisingly 77% of people polled chose Rousey and I voiced my amusement. The girl said she could easily defeat him and me. I laughed even harder. She asked me “Ronda Rousey is a professional fighter. You are not. She would beat you because she’s a professional.”

I’d cave this bitch’s face in with my RIGHT hand…

I laughed again and said “Sweetheart, I’m 6’1″, 230 lbs, Rousey’s 5’7″, 135…and that’s her fighting weight. I would end her inside of 15 seconds because I’m a man and I weigh almost 100 lbs more than she does.”

We went back and forth for a little while (she grew increasingly agitated that I wouldn’t concede defeat in my mythical match against Rousey) but the point is that women out here actually believe that women are equally as strong as men…even women who are giving away 100 lbs to a grown ass man!

All one has to do is a quick YouTube search for “men hitting women back” and you’ll see scores of reminders that a man could crush a woman in an instant if he chose to. I’ll save you the trouble and put the first video that came up from that search:

As you can see, chicks who fight men have no chance. A lot of them are bigger than the men they accost but they still get their asses kicked. The bottom line is that no matter what women do, say, or think, men are physically superior in every way, shape, form, and situation. The sooner they acknowledge this in their actions, the better off we’ll all be.



A man’s mental strength is what separates him from other men. Genes have a lot to do with a man’s physical makeup but mental fortitude is something that is built through experience and upbringing. A man experiences little strife or unrest in his life will be far weaker upstairs than a man who’s been through and seen some shit in his life.

Like physical strength, your psychological durability is something you can build and cultivate. Martial arts can definitely help you in this area as your both your body and mind are under constant duress. Learning a new language or skill, reading, or purposely putting yourself in uncomfortable circumstances are two very good ways to increase your mental strength.

Reading is a great way to stay mentally sharp

Men are mentally superior to women. Not only are we smarter on average, we are more rational, reasonable, and aren’t governed by our emotions nearly as often as women are. This explains why women make stupid decisions at a much higher rate than men because they base a lot of their choices on feelings or whatever other females are doing which is usually the wrong thing.

Another reason for our advantage in cerebral brawn is chemistry and biology. Diseases and mental illness/disorders notwithstanding, men are chemically identical from one day to the next. Sure we have emotions like everyone else but by and large, we’re the same upstairs just about every day.


Women on the other hand are all over the map. If you doubt this just take a look at a woman’s menstrual cycle. One third of the month she’s bleeding out of her pussy which means cramps and bloating, which causes agitation, irritability, and lack of focus. Another third of the month is preparing her body for her upcoming period called Premenstrual Syndrome, otherwise known as PMS. This is when women are bitchy, short tempered, and otherwise insufferable. The last third of the month is when they’re ovulating which sends women into heat. This is the time when women are thinking about cock 24/7 and will stop at nothing to get it.

Bitches be all over the mental map

The point is that women are not even close to mental consistency. And we haven’t even talked about their feminine hard drive which doesn’t do them any favors either. This is why most women fail miserably in positions of leadership. During a 30 day period, they experience 30 different variations of 30 different moods and handle them 30 different ways. Would you entrust your Fortune 500 company to a creature who’s in a perpetual state of chemical change and imbalance? Me neither.

Real female strength is…

…standing by her man when the chips are down. No, he doesn’t need her to be his rock or his foundation. If he did, she wouldn’t be with him in the first place. Men are built to withstand high levels of physical and mental stress and when it arrives (and it will) we don’t need a woman to “lift us up.” What we need is her support and compliance during times of strife. It takes a strong woman to stick with a man who’s going through a shit storm. Weak women simply jump ship when the going gets tough.

Real female strength is understanding the difference between male infidelity and female infidelity. Real women know that just because her husband steps out on her doesn’t mean he doesn’t still love her. There are thousands of women married to millionaires, billionaires, professional athletes, and celebrities and they all know and understand that men are biologically hard wired to seek out fuck young pretty girls. They understand that men and women are not created sexually equal. A strong woman acknowledges these differences. Weak women use it to get paid in a divorce…and then marry another high value male.

The true embodiment of a strong black woman

Feminine strength is giving your man sex whenever he wants it. A woman with real female strength knows that if a man needs sex, it is her duty to give it to him regardless of how she feels. Headache, tiredness, not in the mood, or any other reason that would otherwise prevent her from givin’ it up are no excuse in her mind. If he wants it, he gets it. Every. Single. Time. Strong women know the importance of sex for men. Weak women use it as an excuse to misbehave or to manipulate him.

Real female strength is not succumbing to the easy choice to be a slut in today’s world. It’s easy for women to sleep with a bunch of women and be epic whores. But strong women refrain from and abstain from behaviors that decrease their value as potential mates for high value men. They see the long term benefits of not being sluts and conduct themselves as such. Weak women give into temptation far more often than not and rationalize their bad choices by telling themselves that everyone else is doing it and that she can simply hide her past when she’s had her fill of random dick.


Women are nowhere close to the same as men…especially when it comes to strength. Open your eyes and quit buying into the bullshit myth that men and women are equally strong. We both have different strengths that compliment each other but unfortunately women want to be men and that’s one of the many reasons the sexual relations between men and women are nothing short of fucked up.

May as well enjoy the decline.

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