Manosphere 101: Red Pill vs. Blue Pill vs. Purple Pill

Red Pill vs. Blue Pill vs. Purple Pill thinking is a very prominent discussion in the worldwide manosphere

Arguably, there are more Caucasian men who are very familiar with the term, ‘Red Pill’ thinking.  What about men of color?


In the 1999 sci-fi action thriller, The Matrix, the character of Morpheus (Actor Laurence Fishburne) offers the character of Neo (Actor Keanu Reeves) a choice between the red pill, or the blue pill.

Within the context of the story, the blue pill represents life as we know it … and life as we ideally would like it to be.  Conversely, if Neo decides to take the red pill, his eyes and mind will be awakened to life as it really is.  No delusions, no social constructs, no invalid beliefs, no invalid attitudes, and no invalid social programming.  Just harsh, real-world thinking.


As it relates to the manosphere, and more specifically, various forms of knowledge, wisdom, insight, and dating and relationships advice offered to heterosexual men, you could place all the advice into three general categories:

  • Red Pill wisdom and advice
  • Blue Pill wisdom and advice
  • Purple Pill wisdom and advice

Just about every dating coach, pickup artist, seduction guru, and/or blogger or podcaster will generally fall into one of those categories based on the type of advice they offer to single men and men involved in long-term relationships.


Red Pill dating and relationships advice centers on emphasizing to men that most of what they learned about women, and about dating rituals between men and women, is generally invalid and ineffective.


Blue Pill beliefs and attitudes are those that represent long-standing ‘old school’ romantic notions and buy into the belief of unrealistic romantic fairy tales and ‘true love’ oriented fantasies.  Long-term monogamy and marriage are highly emphasized within the context of Blue Pill thinking and advice.


One is guilty of ‘Purple Pill’ thinking when they have been readily exposed to Red Pill beliefs, attitudes, and advice … yet, these men instead choose to move forward with Blue Pill influenced thinking and behavior.

A good example of being guilty of Purple Pill thinking and behavior would be a dating and relationships expert who has experienced several interactions with members of the opposite sex that have reinforced and validated his Red Pill thinking, but because he wants to sell more copies of his dating advice books in order to become a millionaire, he chooses to espouse a high degree of Blue Pill dating and relationships advice in his books.


If I had to offer at least three examples that highlight the difference between Red Pill thinking and Blue Pill thinking, here would be some of the more popular distinctions:

Blue Pill:  “All women are wife material, and should be treated with the highest degree of respect and be viewed as potential candidates for marriage.”

Red Pill:  “Only a small percentage of women in society are worthy of being involved in a long-term strictly monogamous relationship with a man.  The vast majority of women are far too dishonest, manipulative, and/or promiscuous to be any man’s wife, fiancée, or long-term girlfriend.”

Comment:  This is a HUGE topic of discussion in most venues of the worldwide manosphere.  One of the reasons why I wrote my books, The Possibility of Sex and The Beta Male Revolution was to highlight the fact that most single heterosexual men today have very little interest in long-term monogamous sexual relationships with women any longer.  Most men prefer either long-term non-monogamous sexual relationships, short-term monogamous relationships, or short-term non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex with women only.

Blue Pill:  “Men should avoid bringing up the subject of sex during the activities of the very first date.  Men should hold off discussion their sexual desires, interests, and intentions until maybe the third, fourth, or fifth date with a woman.”

Red Pill:  “Men should avoid ‘asking women out on dates.’  Men should generally seek to just ‘hook up’ with a woman for oral sex and/or intercourse within a few days after he makes the woman’s acquaintance, and then ‘get to know her better’ AFTER the two have already engaged in sexual activities at least once.”

Comment:  The days of men and women ‘going out on dates’ has become highly overrated and almost antiquated and passé.  In today’s society, most men are looking a quick ‘hook-up’ (i.e., the opportunity to engage in short-term and/or non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex with a woman as quickly as possible).  Typically, only men and women who were brought up by religious parents tend to still believe in the notion of “formal dates.”

Blue Pill:  “The man should always be the financial provider in the relationship, and the woman should perform in the role as the stay-at-home wife and mother.”

Red Pill:  “In today’s society, many women earn more money than their boyfriends, fiancés, or husbands.  Therefore, there is nothing wrong with a woman offering to be the ‘financial provider’ in her relationship or marriage with a man.”

Comment:  The days of all men ‘wining and dining’ women to impress them are slowly fading away.  Today, many men now expect women to ‘wine and dine’ them.


In the manosphere, if nowhere else, Red Pill thinking is here to stay.  Many hardcore radical feminist types hate this fact, and even many men who love to pander to women repeatedly (i.e., ‘White Knight’ types) will usually display Blue Pill thinking, or at a minimum, Purple Pill thinking.

Dating rituals between men and women in 2017 are nothing like the dating rituals between men and women in 1917.

Dating today is a totally different ball game, and single heterosexual men need to be properly prepared for it.

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