I didn’t know that “Mansplaining” was a thing.

When it comes to discussion or debate, I know men have to fight through tons of shaming language before they can tackle the actual issue.

Now that we’re finally taking control of these debates/discussions with concise logic, the second layer of shaming tactics are here.

I had to ask several women what the exact definition of mansplaining was, yet every answer was different.

However, they were all pissed about it when the subject came up.

Rather than a definition, I received a few characteristics of what mansplaining is:

  • Men feeling that they have the right to address issues about women to women
  • Interrupting a woman during a debate
  • Overpowering a woman during a discussion via shouting, yelling, etc.

To find a quick summary of this term, let’s go to, where contributor Anna Robinson gives her rendition of it in here article, “The Art of Mansplaining.”

Mansplaining is when a man explains something to a woman that, not only does she already know, but there could be circumstantial evidence that suggests her knowledge that the man had willfully ignored.”


Based on this definition, it already discredits the man. How is a man supposed to know what a women knows? Unless she voices her opinion, we don’t have any idea of what a woman knows. If a man ignores something that women previously stated, it’s probably because it was stated in a way where a man did not understand.

I couldn’t even get a solid definition of the term. How was I supposed to know if the women I talked to actually knew what the word meant?

How does this play against you in an argument?

Well, men are practical people. We explains things, even when we speak to other males. What a woman will do is give herself credit for knowing something—simply because you already gave her the answer.

Does she actually know? We don’t know.

But it gives her the ammunition to judge you for acting as her superior. See how shaming language works?

Now getting to the characteristics of mansplaining, women do the exact same thing to men. We just don’t have a term for it—at least I don’t know what it is.

So why is it only criminal when men do it?

Mansplaining is a term that women can shoot from the hip to attack you rather than the argument.

You know what really got my piss hot? As I’m writing this article, (9-7-17 at 2:26 a.m.,) the word mansplaining is actually a word recognized by Microsoft Word! Ain’t that something? I don’t even think it’s an updated version of the software.

So here’s the question that boggles my mind when it comes to battle of the sexes: What’s safe to discuss without a condescending undertone?

Can men not give their opinion on birth control? At all? Are we not allowed to talk about how women should conduct themselves?

Or is just all women’s issues off the table and we just focus on men?

Fellas, I know it’s hard debating emotions with logic. I really do. Because this term basically states that you can’t talk about women because you’re not a woman.

Another barrier for us? Afraid so.

The fortunate part about it is that if you’re able to call women out on their shaming, they usually get backed into a corner.


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