Marketing 101: Shopify vs Your Own Website (Part 4 – Your Own Website)

Does owning your own website make any sense? After debating the ups and downs of Ebay, Amazon, and Shopify in part one, two, and three of our editorial, today we’re going to talk about owning your own domain, hosting, and website.

1. The Ups

  • Unlimited possibilities

Owning your own retail website automatically means unlimited possibilities. You can expand the store as you please, change the domain whenever you want to, modify the website as much as you want to or sell it if you receive a good offer.

There are no boundaries or fees for what you want to do.

  • The ability to choose

Owning your own website also means the ability to choose everything from website themes to hosting and domains. This might not mean much to you at first but with Google valuing loading time for SEO, you might be heading to a nasty surprise if you chose a bad platform to develop your website.

  • No boundaries

Owning a website truly means no real boundaries. You can setup a call-to-action whenever you want to, promote your items however you want to and be as different as you want to without being restricted graphic-wise.

  • Total control

You also get total control of your items, their description and the way you display them. You can build as many pages as you want to, invite as many people as you please to help you with your business, and list as many goods as you want to without having to pay any fees.

  • You get to be an expert

Usually, owning your own business means double or triple the work. But that also means you get to be a social media expert, a SEO expert, a creative writer, a graphic designer, and most importantly, an expert when it comes to online marketing.

That will give you a clear advantage over everyone who needs assistance with tasks while protecting your from online scammers.

2. The Downs

  • High costs

Unfortunately, hosting, a domain, and everything involved in owning 100% of your business means higher costs. You need to pay for everything we mentioned above plus everything else to make your website professional and trustworthy.

  • Double the efforts

Being your own boss does NOT mean less work. As a matter of fact, it means more work and when it comes to an online store, the extra time could go in graphics, product listing, descriptions, or promoting your brand.

  • Failing

Unfortunately, if you fail with your business, no one will take the fall besides you. That means, all the work and all the money that you spent will be gone forever.

Your domain, your website, and all your social media channels will become useless.

  • No one to help

It’s hard to trust people and to give them access to your website. With most platform offering support when it comes to protecting your website, if you build your own platform from scratch you get to protect it by yourself.

If you get hacked, that means everything will be over. No one is willing to take a chance to shop on a website that is not secure.

  • Lots time spent on side tasks

Social media management, content creation, tracking your traffic, graphic content, customers management, order management, shipping, and everything else takes A LOT of time and you get to do everything by yourself if you don’t have any tools to assist you in your business.

That, obviously, means lots of time wasted on side tasks rather than improving your business.

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