Marriage and the man today

Today, the perception of marriage still varies depending on the societal enclave we find ourselves in. Knowing that a society is a large group of people who live in the same area and have same laws and tradition etc, we are bound to know that the term ‘marriage’ itself has evolved over the years and what it really means to be successful mostly depends on the society rather that those into it. As a matter of fact, the society defines marriage and the man today.

In the Western world today, the rate of divorce as at 2016 is said to be almost equivalent as the rate of those getting married, but if you are lucky to get into a good marriage you are bound to enjoy the ‘very best of it’. The best of it however does not come without sacrifices, understanding and little bit of faith. Some people might take faith to the extreme when it comes to marriage and go on bragging about it.

For today topic on marriage and the man today, let’s take an example of the Nigerian man that already broke the Internet about 10 years ago for having 86 wives. In 2008, Mohammed Bello a man from Bida, Northern Nigeria was charged to court for marrying too many wives, a charge he denied was not against any written law of his faith.

After the authorities detained him in prison for up to a month which prompted a protest by his family. He still went ahead to marry additional 4 wives before his death in January 2017. The controversial super-polygamist died peacefully at his residence after a brief illness on 28 January 2017, shortly after was not seen in public for a while and rumours have been going around over his health.

This is how far faith could be involved and since the society is also porous, such could happen so far those involve off course accept it with faith. With so many wives more than I can hardly imagine how the man must have managed them all. He even became a Superstar and was shown on TV all across the world, from Africa to Asia and beyond, as the Black hyper-Polygamist.

Despite having many wives and relatives, he died at the age of 93 years old. His personal assistant issued a statement saying:
“With gratitude to Allah (SWT), we announce the death of Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Bello this afternoon. He was aged 93 years. He died after a brief illness. “The Janiza prayer and interment are slated for tomorrow (Sunday) by 10am.” Bello said that the late Islamic preacher fore-told his death and was prepared for it. “Baba had told us that his time was up. He told me personally during his last moment that he has completed his divine assignment and was ready to meet his creator. “He told us to remain dedicated to the cause of Islam and urged us all not to deviate from all his teachings on righteousness, piety and total submission to the will of Allah. He warned us to shun adultery but that we are free to marry as many women as possible instead of piling up cuncubines because it is ‘Hallal’ before Allah.”

Today, with a lot of Blackmen having ‘baby mamas’ in every corner. Would you have a Marriage Mansion ‘full of candies’ like this super-polygamist if the society allows you?

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