Marriage – Is it a thing of the past?

Brothers, the time has come for controversial subjects. You know it has to be done, and here at Negromanosphere we always move the boundaries one step further.
Today we’ll discuss the important question that is on the minds of many decent and hardworking men out there – men who have a positive and rational outlook on the world, and would like to make a change. And that question relates to marriage. Yes, men, marriage. After a certain age, men might want to settle, further their line and start a family. It’s a normal and encouraged feeling. But there’s one snag that troubles these men – who to marry? And how?
Society has regressed to a certain point where the prospect of marriage seems unattainable. Partly to disfigured social norms, and part to the lack of suitable women to marry – which is directly cause by those same disfigured social norms.
So, what to do? And what does the future carry? Read on and let’s talk about these things, together.

Hard Times
For a moment, let’s reflect on the past – to the men who paved the way for us today. The men who gave us a chance to live in this world and forge our own path. For them, marriage was a mission, a goal. And a desire, too. In the end, if it wasn’t, none of us would be here now. So, what makes us different from them? Why are western men increasingly remaining bachelors?
Could it be that most of them are just facing the harsh fact of the modern life – there are no decent women? Most of them have a rational approach to marriage, they want a good woman, likeminded person, with whom the rest of their lives will seem logical. But in a world of promiscuity, thots, sluts, lack of morals and a dangerously increasing attack on traditional lifestyles, the prospect of marriage simply seems impossible to a large percentage of men out there. No one in their right mind would want to marry some used up gold-digging thot.
We need your insights on this one – is the situation salvageable? How do you see your future, and do you want to further the line of your family?

An Ideal
Modern men must realize one thing – nations and peoples and cultures, all are dependent on marriage. It’s simple, if you want your nation and your culture to thrive and continue on, you need to do your part and start a family.
If you don’t, expect the possibility of becoming a minority. And for some, a minority in your own country. Take an example – London. This progressive, liberal den of grotesques is becoming increasingly middle-eastern. And certain suburbs of London are 90% middle eastern. The Londoners become a minority in their own town.
Take that example and put it to a bigger scale. It can happen to any country.
The question we need to ask is whether we want to become the same.
In order to make things right once more, certain social ‘tides’ need to turn and change for the better. Because, if the current social currents remain in place and escalate even further, in a decade, there won’t be any marriage possibilities for men of normal viewpoints. Who do you want to share your life with? Who do you want to raise children with? A c**k-gobbling tinder thot? Think again brotha! Think again.

As much as 21st century female behavior is the problem for this situation, the ones to solve the problem might be the men themselves. How? Simple – change the standards. Start the wave of change. Show your disgust for the thots, and step by step, one man after another, and the society can change its perception of good and bad things. Remember that you need to become the change that you want to see in the world. Like it or hate it – we need to bring tradition back to where it belongs. Only like that will we stay afloat.
Comment below with your opinions on the matter and what is your viewpoint on family life. Will you settle for used goods? Will you accept to be your woman’s 10th man? If so, think again why you’re on

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