Married White But Supports Black Causes

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 13: Hope Smith and Robert Smith attend Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Hosts Annual Ripple Of Hope Awards Dinner at New York Hilton on December 13, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic)

I recall a short story I read a very long time ago.  It was very provocative.  In the story a Black activist was having issues because he was in love with a white woman.  If memory serves me correctly (it really was a very long time ago) the protagonist in the story ended up leaving his organization because of his involvement with the white woman.   The story brings up an interesting philosophical question: Can someone marry white but still support Black causes?   I will state yes they can but with qualifications.

            Let me provide a personal disclaimer.   My stand has always been if someone Black wanted to truly support causes that impacted Black people they need to at least have a Black spouse.   Not so much for the cause itself but for the image it presents.  My past view was more of a political standpoint.  The image presented by a leader is very important.   For example it would look weird if a Minister had a spouse that was not a stripper but dressed as one for church services.   It was issue of form and not so much of function.   I see things slightly different now.

            Now I will say that yes someone can marry someone white or non-Black but still be supportive of Black causes provided they are certain Black causes.  The causes can’t be related to the issues of Black male/female relationships, Black love, or the Black family.  These causes are intrinsically tied to Black men and women forming viable pair bonds.   It would be disingenuous for someone to support the formation of positive Black relationships while knowing they are going home to a non-Black spouse.   In other areas the person’s choice of a spouse is irrelevant to the cause itself.

            In the Black community we have a multitude of issues that must be addressed.   Quite frankly the Black community is not in a position to refuse help from someone just because their mate is not a part of the same racial group.  For example, many Black communities are food deserts in the sense that they do not have grocery stores to serve their needs.   If a Black man decided to develop a grocery store in that neighborhood does it matter that he is married to a white woman?  I quite sure an elderly Black woman that can walk to the new grocery store instead of traveling across town is not going to care where and with whom the Black grocery store owner spends his nights.

            Another example could be starting a school in a black neighborhood to give the Black children there an education.  This school can prepare 1000’s of Black children for college and beyond.   Would it matter that founder of the school had a non-Black spouse?   The bottom line would be that children would get a better education.  

            The Black community has to go beyond worrying about the form of something.   With the exception of Black relationships we can’t worry about the personal lives of anyone who is willing to elevate the Black community.   The only time personal lives should be a concern is if these personal choices might have an effect on the success of the cause.   The Black community has to think in terms of function.   Is the function of the grocery store to promote interracial relationship or to provide people healthy food?  Is the function of the school to promote interracial relationships or to educate a population of children?  

            At this point with all of the problems in the Black community we can’t turn away assistance especially coming from a Black person just because of personal feelings about their choice of a mate.   We have think in terms of the bottom line.  Are people being helped?  

Function is more important than form.

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