Mastering the Art of Verbal Seduction & Erotic Dirty Talk

Arguably the most underrated, overlooked, and under-developed tool related to attracting and seducing women is the confident, smooth, and seductive tone of a man's voice and the overall quality of his conversation skills

If you read my article from two weeks ago, you will remember that I divided all methods of getting a woman to engage in sexual activities with a man into five general categories:

Dishonesty and/or Manipulation
Negotiation (or what is known as Transactional Sex)

In this article, I am going to briefly examine the concept of verbal seduction which includes the concept of kinky erotic dirty talk.


In simple terms, seduction is a form of Influence and persuasion. Many in the intellectual world view seduction more specifically as a form of “immoral persuasion.”

A quick example of seduction using food would be this: Let’s say you had a female friend who recently stopped eating dessert items and other food items with a high sugar content because she decided to embark on a low-carbohydrate diet. Now, let’s say that you knew this friend of yours had a great love for homemade fudge brownies with pecans and powdered sugar.

You offer your friend some of your recently baked brownies, but your friend expresses reluctance and says, “No … I probably shouldn’t. I am on a keto diet, and I need to cut back on my sugar intake.” At this point, you lightheartedly allow your “devil horns” of seduction to reveal themselves.

Because you want your good friend to taste at least a couple of your famous homemade brownies, you refuse to take her first “no thank you” as her final answer. You move closer to her, and you begin whispering into her left ear (quick note: a person’s left ear is connected to the right side of their brain, which is generally thought of to be more emotional, impulsive, spontaneous, and receptive to persuasion; a person’s right ear is connected to the left side of their brain, which is generally categorized as being the more legalistic, logical, and rational side of a person’s mind. This is why on cartoons, you will typically see the “little angel” side of a person’s personality standing on that person’s right shoulder and speaking into their right ear … and you will always see the “little devil” side of a person’s personality standing on their left shoulder and speaking into their left ear).

You begin whispering into her left ear how great tasting the brownies are, and how much pleasure the taste buds of her tongue will experience once the brownies enter her mouth. You whisper to her in such a way that her tongue begins to become more active, and she begins to salivate at just the mere thought of tasting one of your rich chocolate fudge brownies with nuts. Slowly but surely, all she can think about is having that chocolate fudge in her mouth along with those delicious nuts.

Minutes later, your female friend says enthusiastically to you, “Okay … okay! I can’t take it any longer! Please let me have one of your chocolate fudge brownies. PLEASE!! I need it. I need it in my mouth …”

Congratulations. You just seduced your female friend into ignoring her low-carb diet and giving a couple of your homemade brownies a taste.


If anyone reading this article has read one or more of my eBooks or paperbacks, or listened to one or more of my audiobooks, you already know that I divide all single women of interest into four general archetypes:

Wholesome Pretenders & Erotic Hypocrites
Manipulative Timewasters

Two of these four archetypes cannot be seduced, and one of the four archetypes does not need to be seduced.

A woman who is a genuine Reciprocator does not need to be seduced. As a man, all you need to do with a Reciprocator is let her know what your romantic or strictly sexual desires, interests, and intentions are, and this woman is going to immediately and enthusiastically follow your lead and engage in any physical and/or sexual activity that you suggest without any criticism, resistance, or reluctance. Always feel lucky when you cross paths with a genuine Reciprocator.

On the exact opposite end is a genuine Rejecter. It is impossible for a man to seduce a woman who is a true Rejecter. Any attempt at such would be an act of futility and a total waste of time. Best to just accept the fact that a Rejecter has no interest in sharing your company in any sort of romantic or strictly sexual manner, and simply move on to the next woman of interest.

A man will experience virtually the same fate with a woman who is a Manipulative Timewaster as he will with a genuine Rejecter. I like to refer to Rejecters as “Quick No” women, and Manipulative Timewasters as “Slow No” women. The only slight chance a man may have of getting a Manipulative Timewaster to engage in sex with him would be to offer her an enormous sum of money (that would more than likely be out of his personal finances budget). 99% of the time though, even resorting to tricking and/or wining & dining will not change the mind of a Manipulative Timewaster. She is nothing more than a woman who is essentially a Rejecter cleverly disguised as a potential Reciprocator.

The women who are most primed to be seduced are the women who I refer to in my books as Wholesome Pretenders & Erotic Hypocrites. A woman who is a Wholesome Pretender is a woman who will always publicly present herself to men as a woman who is only willing to engage in sexual activities with a man who is her long-term boyfriend, her fiancé, or her husband … but if you know anything about sexually duplicitous women … you know that this is just a ‘prudish and monogamy-oriented façade.’

An Erotic Hypocrite is a woman who is a more materialistic, pretentious, and antagonistic variation of a Wholesome Pretender. An Erotic Hypocrite will do more than give a man “moderate resistance” when he expresses a desire to engage in one or more episodes of short-term and/or non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex with her. This woman will administer what is known in the manosphere as “verbal shit tests,” and she will severely challenge a man’s sense of confidence, self-esteem, and backbone to the highest degree possible. If the master seducer passes her “tests,” she will soon give in to his sexual desires, and then begin exhibiting behavior that is incredibly feminine and erotically submissive toward him.


Many professional Pickup Artists (PUAs), Dating Coaches, and so-called ‘Seduction Gurus’ will always make mention of a man’s facial looks, his physique, the right way for him to touch on a woman’s body, the power of subcommunication, and the right clothes for him to wear. Arguably the most frequently overlooked and underestimated tool in a man’s seduction arsenal is the general quality and tone of his voice, as well as his overall conversation skills. When it comes to mastering the fine art of verbal seduction, nothing is more important than a man’s manner of verbal expression with a woman while in conversation with her.

A man can be reasonably good looking, and have a fairly fit-looking physique, but if his manner of verbal delivery is awkward, annoying, non-confident, or incredibly inarticulate, he will often be perceived by women as “creepy” and/or “thirsty.” No woman has a desire to engage in sexual activities with such a man.


Many men have this mistaken impression that the only time a man should engage in what is known as “erotic dirty talk” with women (or the more formal term is “aural sex”) is during physical foreplay right before sex or during the intercourse phase of sex. These men could not be more wrong.

Men and women are both visual and auditory. Men, generally speaking, are more visual than auditory (i.e., they get more sexually aroused by what they see than what they hear) while studies show that women, generally speaking, are more auditory than visual. All men need to learn how to “talk that talk” (this is what many women in my late mother’s generation referred to talking dirty to women as).

Of all the aspects of my professional dating coaching business, probably the number one skill that I get paid the most money to help male clients with is a) helping them improve the overall quality and tone of their voice and b) helping them learn how to quickly and effectively identify the body language signs and signals of women who are Wholesome Pretender & Erotic Hypocrite types.

Starting point: Record your voice into a digital recorder and see how it sounds. Make every effort to sound both confident and relaxed.  You want to develop a voice that is almost hypnotic in the ears of a woman.  Also, make some free time to read at least a half-dozen or more erotica novels that are extremely popular with heterosexual or bisexual female readers. You will quickly begin to learn what specific scenarios and fantasies turn women on to the highest degree sexually.

Bottom line, if a woman is definitely interested in engaging in sexual activities with you (i.e., she is a genuine Reciprocator type) … she does not need to be seduced. She just needs to be invited to participate in sexual activities with you. Conversely, if a woman has absolutely no interest in sharing your company in any sort of romantic or strictly sexual manner (i.e., she is either a genuine Rejecter type or a Manipulative Timewaster type), then an attempt at seducing this type of woman will eventually prove to be ineffective and useless.

The women who will usually be the most receptive to verbal seduction and kinky erotic dirty talk will be those women who are “on the fence” (i.e., women who are somewhat resistant, reluctant, or indecisive regarding their decision to engage an episode of short-term and/or non-monogamous sexual activities with a man). The “little angel” on their right shoulder is saying to them, “Don’t have sex with this man unless he is your husband, fiancé, or long-term boyfriend!! Don’t risk your ‘innocent wholesome good girl’ reputation!! Don’t do it!!”

The master verbal seducer pays more attention to a woman’s “little devil” / “inner kinky freak” side.  He will whisper into her left eartalk dirty to her … and leave her pussy moist, if not dripping wet.

Learn how to ‘talk that talk’ with women. It will benefit you in the long-run.

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