Men are Bred to be Tricks

Men are bred to be tricks.  Yeah I said it.   Before you start leaving nasty comments suggesting that my parents weren’t married when I was born hear me out.   From the moment we are born, men, especially in western culture, are bred to put sex with women on a pedestal and taught that have to pay for it.   Yes from birth.   It starts with the first woman in our lives, our mother.

As soon as we are old enough to be aware of the significance we learn that have to hook our mother up on her birthday and especially on Mother’s Day.    We don’t mind because most normal mothers nurtured their sons on their breastessesses.   You notice on Mother’s Day women get the hook-up.   They get nice presents and get to go to a fancy place like Red Lobster.  In contrast on Father’s day, men get some power tools which suggest they need to fix something and some takeout because moms didn’t feel like cooking.    It’s only the beginning.

We’re in school with Valentine’s Day coming up and a crush on the cute girl starting to fill out.   We figure we’ll get more attention if we use our grass cutting money to buy her a stuffed bear and some chocolates.   She accepts the gifts and gives you a church hug giving you the idea you might get somewhere.   She doesn’t let you see the other bears and chocolates she got.  She also doesn’t tell you that she let the class pretty boy grind up on her without giving her anything but his cell number.

We become teenagers and hang out at the mall with other teenaged boys trying to spit game in the center of the mall.   It doesn’t register consciously that there are four jewelry stores where more mature tricks are buying diamonds and other useless gems for some unappreciative woman who spends her free time with some hunk who can’t spell the word “jewelry.”

I meant what I said about useless gems.   Diamonds are good for lasers.   They’re useless on many women’s fingers.   The issue is that we are bred to buy women those useless for anything other than a laser, gems.  How often do we see a movie or TV show where a man gets on his knees to give a woman one of these gems?   It’s all in the subliminals.   It doesn’t stop there.  Think about dating.

Men are bred to work hard all week, sometimes on two jobs, to sponsor an evening out with a woman.   A man are bred to take a woman to a restaurant where neither one can pronounce what’s on the menu.   In all fairness though some women are good with Red Lobster where they settle for some skrimps.   At the end of the evening he will get a church hug and subtle suggestion that he needs to think beyond the local seafood joint.   Of course she is getting her back blown out by a musclebound dude who is chronically unemployed who has to borrow money to pay attention.

It’s the cruel joke played on many men.   They think they are being raised to be a good provider.  Naw dog you being raised to a sponsor.   What yours is hers and what’s hers is hers.   Many women don’t go to the man who has their heart.   The musclebound dude never seems to have time to fill out a job application.   So women need the tricks to provide and provide for them.

One final word as I know someone will bring up the independent women who make their own money.   They don’t need tricks.   That’s because they are tricks too.   Who else is going to give the muscle men and pretty boys a place to stay?

So for all of you men out there.  You have been had, bamboozled, let astray.   You didn’t land in the steak house.   The steak house charged you extra for those raggedy ass peas that came with your steak dinner because even the servers know you were bred to be a trick.


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