Men Cannot Judge another Man’s Looks

I came across a website a while ago.  This site, with supposedly heterosexual men, had a section where they would judge the facial features of other men.   The funny part to me is that the men who sought to have their faces evaluated would accept the judgements of the men on this website.   It was weird to me.

Over the years many men would come to me for coaching on dating, relationships, and even better sexual techniques.   Quite often they would ask me the judge their facial features which quite frankly I couldn’t do.   The most I could tell them was that I’ve known someone who resembled them and that these particular men were able to do well with women.  I can tell a man if he needs to put on muscle or adjust his clothing style but I developed those gifts working in gyms and retail stores.   Even then I could not tell a man how a woman would view them.

The weird thing with the website I mentioned was that the men on this website, who by self-admission, had trouble attracting women, tried telling other men whether or not they could attract women based on their facial features.   The big problem is that no matter how hard a man may try he cannot look at another man the same way a woman will look at a man.  This is something I learned when I was young.

When you’re in high school dudes are always clowning each other on looks calling someone ugly or busted.  Funny thing as I got older and started talking more intimately with women I learned that a man’s idea of good looks and a woman’s can vary greatly.  I’ve known several dozen women who would say a particular man was gorgeous when he looked like any other dude to me.   There’s a good reason for that.

Women don’t just look at a man, she wants to feel him as well.  Yes looks matter to women but it’s not the only thing.  When a woman looks at a man she is indeed looking at his face but she looks at other things.   She’s checking out his body, his clothes, his jewelry, and even his print.  She wants to feel something from looking at those things.  Sometimes a woman may meet a man she doesn’t feel anything for at first.  Then she gets to know him and as she gets comfortable around him he starts to look better to her.   There’s an even more prevalent factor regarding men’s looks in the eyes of women.

The overwhelming majority of women don’t want to be around a man who has a better looking face than she does.   Women in general always want to be the best looking in a relationship.   The want the attention focused on them.  Also in most cultures men aren’t supposed to bring beauty to a relationship anyway.  He’s expected to bring resources. There are exceptions with individual women but in general a man just needs to be decent looking in a woman’s eyes.

A big frustration with many men is that they see a man who has an attractive woman and they will wonder why.  They will look at the man and call him ugly.   They’ll think he has money or some type of game.   My answer is maybe she likes how he looks and how he makes her feel.   The key to understanding a woman’s preference in a man is that she has to like how he makes her feel.

I knew a woman one time who was very physically attractive.   I’ve seen her literally put men into trances.   She used to wonder why I always wanted to hug her all the time.   By her own admission her husband was ugly.  The thing was that ugly dudes looked good to her.  One reason is that they didn’t outshine her.

Men have to stop judging another man’s looks.  The reality is that they cannot see and most importantly feel what a woman experiences when she looks at a man’s face.

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