Why Men Should Stop Helping Women

Something I’ve noticed about women in the past year or so is that they seem to be bitching more and more about ‘how hard it is for women.’ Maybe this is something they’ve been doing for a while and because I don’t really pay attention to what they say most of the time, maybe this is something I’ve missed but lately I’ve started hearing it more and more.

One girl I dated while back used to bitch about how she hated going to the gym because of all the dudes staring at her and fat chicks shooting her dirty looks. One chick I’m fucking now likes to complain about what she calls ‘the pink tax’ and whined about $10 eye liner and $10 lipstick and makeup products that men don’t have to buy.

Women bitch about having to buy this stuff to be attractive to men

Another one said ‘guys have it so easy’ or something to that effect. Normally I just ignore it or I’ll dismiss them by saying something like ‘boo hoo….cry me a fuckin’ river’ and they usually just shut the fuck up because they know I’m not tryin’ to hear them bitch or complain or bore me with their ‘problems’.

But one conversation keeps coming up with a woman I’m seeing and it doesn’t usually get contentious but I’ll be the first to admit that lately I’ve gotten a little heated about it but after I did, I had to check myself and say “you know what Donovan, she doesn’t know….she doesn’t have your sensibilities or your experiences so no matter what you tell her, she’s just not going to see it that way and it’s not her fault.” The conversation I’m talking about is how cops treat different people differently.

It always starts at this traffic light by her place that doesn’t allow you to turn right on red. I’ll pull up and stop and she always says ‘just blow through it I always do’ and I always have to remind her ‘I’m a black man, you’re a white woman, cops let you get away with more than me’

Then she’ll start telling me about how cops in her town only pull over people who are from out of town, and how she’s never treated unfairly, blah blah blah and I’ll get pissed and say “hey! have you not heard anything I’ve said??  Of COURSE you think cops are great….you’re a WOMAN, they treat you differently than they treat MEN!’ At that point she’ll just drop it because I’ve raised my voice but the fact remains is that she honestly doesn’t think she’s treated any differently than anybody else even though she’s only lived life as a white woman. That’s not her fault….she can’t life live as anybody else.

So we were watching a show called ‘live PD’ which is basically an updated modernized version of COPS and they were doing a year end special on the 10 biggest drug busts of 2016 which was actually pretty good….they stopped this chick driving an RV who looked as innocent as could but had almost 60 lbs of weed in the storage compartment which was funny as shit.

Anyway, later in the show a cop stopped a young white girl who had quickly changed lanes when she saw him in her rear view mirror. The girl’s a typical tweaker, purple hair, neck tattoo, lip ring, eye brow ring, the whole none. The cop runs her license and it’s suspended…..then he finds out she has 3 outstanding warrants…..then finds meth AND cocaine in her possession……AND HE LET HER GO.

They impounded the car but he did not arrest her. He literally told her “well you’re license is suspended, you’ve got 3 warrants, and you’ve got these drugs on you but I’m not going to arrest you” This exactly is what he told her. Then he looks into the camera as he’s driving away and says “yeah….it wouldn’t have done any good to arrest her….our jails are over croweded blah blah blah”

The girl I was watching this with could not believe it. I’d been telling her for months that women are treated differently by law enforcement and white women are treated even more favorably than that and she always argued with me on that. But when she watched that TV cop let that tweaker walk even though her license was revoked, had 3 warrants outstanding, and had 2 types of drugs on her, it was clearly the first time that she had ever seen with her own two eyes that cops treat men and women differently.

This is how women react when they actually see hard evidence that they’re treated much better than men in this part of the world in every conceivable way.  They have no idea that they live the best lives of anyone in the world…..especially white women. They’re given all the advantages, all the opportunities, they’re awarded custody better than 80% of the time, they’re above reproach no matter how badly they behave, excuses are made for them when they commit crimes or cheat on their husbands or have a bunch of kids by a bunch of dudes or commit paternity fraud the list goes on and on I could talk for 24 hours straight about how well white women have it in the West and STILL not be halfway through that list.

The fact of the matter is that women are so coddled, and treated so well and live these posh lives free of adversity or strife or judgment that they actually believe that having to buy makeup, or Starbucks not having their favorite drink mix, or not getting wi-fi where ever they are is real life tragedy! They’re so caught up in their own lives and self importance because society tells them they’re superior beings for no other reason that they have vaginas, they have zero clue as to what’s going on around them much less what’s happening to the men around them.

Chicks are fucking spoiled

Not only do they not have any idea how tough it is for men out here in every part of our lives, they think we make this shit up! They think we exaggerate and cry over spilled milk when in reality, we’re fired from our jobs for shit they get away with all the time, get railroaded in family court, and are portrayed by the media as serial rapists walking around looking for our next victim and are completely useless unless they need a jar opened and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

But here’s the rub. The west is well aware of all the ‘quote hardships’ women ‘quote’ endure’ on a day to day basis because it’s in our faces constantly and they expect men to man up and help them. They tell us to marry the slut with 3 kids because she’s ‘quote had a few tough breaksand deserves a chance at happiness.’ they run ad campaigns telling us to do our part to ‘stop sexual assault ‘listen and believe’ when a woman says she’s been raped. We’re told that women aren’t paid as much and have to pay more for certain products and other bullshit statistics they throw at us, and you know what? Men line up by the fucking truckload to help these damsels in distress with their captain save-a-ho capes flapping in the wind.

But where are the MALE advocates for male issues aside from us in the manosphere? Where are all the public service announcements for divorce rape? Where are all the dudes up in arms about paternity fraud or false rape allegations? What about men getting fired because some fattie said her feelings were hurt but doesn’t have a shred of evidence to support her claim? Where are all the men lining up to help men who are getting fucked in the ass by our gyno-centric laws?

What about prostate cancer awareness month?

They’re nowhere to be found. 

You see guys, that’s the fucked up thing about America…..we’re so busy bailing women out of their bad decision making we neglect our OWN issues….and we’re men!

“But Donovan men don’t need help like women do’

Well wait a minute Heather Ho, I thought women were equal! I thought you guys were strong, and independent! I thought you didn’t men for anything but our money and our sperm and outside of that we’re useless! So why the fuck should we help you if you have more money and more brains than us buffoons who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time? Not to mention all of the advantages you have in this part of the world just for being born with vaginas?

Here’s the bottom line guys. Women are getting their cake and eat it too and we’re to blame. They get to be  strong and independent one day, then claim victimhood for any reason they feel like the next and we’re the ones who pick up the tab.

Think you’re a red pill male? Think you’re a “quote alpha male?” Think you wanna slay sluts and not give a fuck?” Then prove it AND STOP HELPING FEMALES.

A coworker asks you to walk her out to her car? Tell her no. All she has to do is say you touched her ass and your fired. Not worth the risk. Fuck that. Let some other idiot be her white knight.

A female friend calls you for a ride to work? Nope. Can’t do it. “Omg why not?!” My wheels my call, then hang the fuck up. She’ll likely never call you again. Yes, she’s doing you a favor.

A girl needs you to help her move? Sorry. Got shit to do.

Let her find another schlub to help her move

“But Donovan, If we don’t who will?”

How ’bout this for an answer: The 95% of men out there who don’t know shit about women, the government, and uber. If you don’t come to her rescue she’ll be alright…..trust me. She might throw a fit and guilt trip you but trust and believe she’s got 10 other dudes in her phone she can call who’ll come and help her out.

Stop helping women guys. They obviously need it because they’ve shown us and everyone else that they clearly can’t be trusted when left to their own devices so they definitely need the bailouts available to them…..but there are enough resources, government programs, and beta males running around who’ll be more than happy to wipe their asses for them and pretend to like the smell. Keep your cash and keep your time.

White girls in this country have the world at their feet. They have more unimpeded access to money, resources, sex, men, and anything else that makes life more convenient and enjoyable than they ever have in history. And because men have facilitated this for so long while neglecting our own needs, they’ve taken for granted just how good they have it and lose their minds when we take our attention away from them for 7 seconds to actually help ourselves out for a change.

Believe this bullshit at your peril

And this is exactly why they act like the sky is falling when they break a nail. It’s why they look at us like we have 3 heads when we tell them ‘no I’m not going to run this red light because I’ll get a ticket’. It’s why they throw a fit when their candidate doesn’t get elected.

So do yourself a favor and stop helping women. Yeah, they’ll find someone else and that’s fine. Let them spend their time and resources on a female who doesn’t deserve it. You’ll have more money, more time, and more freedom than 95% of men out there and THAT’S the difference between men who read sites like this and everybody else.

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