The Mentally Insane Black Female – Weaves

Above is a picture of a mentally insane black woman. I immediately hear you ask the question as to how can I determine that she is mentally insane just from looking at the photo. The answer lies in the photo itself, the weave. Most black women in 2017 are going out of their way to emulate white women and the weave is the number one choice of attachment black women use in their attempts to climb the mountain of whiteness.

Of course the mountain of whiteness is reserved for white folks only, black men already know this, we as a group have no desires to be white, however this modern-day black female seems to believe that an exemption can be created especially for her, she is desperate to throw off all things black.

Always remember that most black women today hate being black, this is why they take such delight in shafting black men and murdering unborn black children, because they see the destruction of the Negro as steps towards the goal of eradicating the thing they hate the most.

This is why I stated in my book Negro Wars that weave wearing is a blatant sign of mental illness, the wearing of the weave is a revelation of the disjointed mindset of black women. Stitching in or gluing European hair to your head and walking around the streets running your hands through the hair as if it grows out of your own head IS NOT NORMAL, we’ve all seen black women do this.

As if the weave is not bad enough the black female must then take this ridiculous and mentally ill practice to the next level by integrating different colours into the hair. Nobody has blue or green hair naturally growing out their heads, black women most certainly do not, so why bother? Again, this is yet another display of the mentally disjointed and broken mindset of your average black woman.

Just look at that photo again, the woman has attached a thick bush of European hair to her head and has additionally added in blue streaks for “extra flavour”. Now at this stage many black women and their advocates will point to the fact that there are white women and other non black women who bleach and add different colours their hair. However what must be pointed out is the fact that non black women accept that colouring their hair differently is not normal.

The other point to make is the fact that non black women do these things to their own natural hair, they do not stitch and glue Negroid type hair onto their heads and begin spray painting the attachment as if they are tagging a wall, a bridge or a subway train. Unlike black women, white and other non black females take pride in their natural hair, they do not cover it up.

One common urban legend that black women love to circulate in their futile attempts to justify such a delinquent and degenerate practice is to continuously make the false claim that white women also wear weaves. Firstly that is not true, white women use what are called hair extensions, an example of which can be seen in the following picture below:

Hair extensions unlike weaves simply attach to the existing hair and can be removed at will. There is no glue or needle and thread involved with hair extensions. Hair extensions are used to add more volume and more length to the existing hair. Also you’ll notice that the extensions resemble the woman’s natural hair, so close in fact that without two pictures to make the comparison, most folks wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Again, I don’t really understand how through this black women are justified to glue and stitch non black female hair to their heads. Another old wives tale that black women love to spread concerning weave is that they are protecting their hair. Almost every black woman I have seen who wears weave has a hair-line that can be compared to the release date of a greatly anticipated album, its keeps getting pushed back.

I don’t see how a hairline that is constantly receding as a direct result of wearing weave equates to protection. In 2017 losing hair in the minds of most black women now translates to protecting it, are you beginning to understand more of what I am talking about in terms of black women and their mental insanity? Black women are willing to go bald in order to look like white women, losing hair still hasn’t persuaded the majority of weave wearers that the practice just isn’t worth it. Looking white is more important to black women than their hair taking flight.

Then there is the hygiene and damage aspect of wearing weave. Not washing your hair for weeks and even months on end is not hygienic, in fact this is a very filthy procedure and one that must be adopted by black women who choose to wear weaves. The dead hair, dead skin, dust, bacteria, fungus, parasites, sweat etc that build up underneath the weave would leave any normal individual frantically grasping for breath, yet most black women have no problems tolerating such a putrid and contaminated environment sitting upon their crowns.

This is why I stand by the statement that weave wearing is a clear sign of mental illness and mental insanity. Walking up and down the streets looking like Zippo the circus clown is one thing but to purposely adopt filthy and unhygienic regimes in order to do this is taking the practice to another dimension. Black women are addicted to weaves, wigs, make up, fake nails, fake eye lashes, fake eye brows, butt implants etc, there is nothing real about them anymore.

This is one of many reasons why I recommend that black men seek love and companionship elsewhere, how on earth can you build with a group of women who do not accept their nationality or their heritage? The answer is simple, you can’t. The modern-day black woman suffers from severe mental damage, if black women as a collective were psychologically evaluated, most of them would immediately be taken to be locked up in high security mental asylums.

Many black men are still attempting to adjust to the black woman’s insanity believing that they can overcome the challenge. However they are quickly discovering that there is no rest nor peace when dealing with mentally challenged and mentally damaged individuals, additionally they are finding that they themselves are heading towards the mad house due to spending so much time trying to fix women who wish to remain in a broken state.

Stop dealing with mentally ill females black men, it is not your job to rehabilitate them especially if they enjoy wallowing in their own madness and celebrate it. Be sure to check out my book Negro Wars where I have an entire chapter dedicated to black women and their addiction to wearing weaves.

The only hair that should be on any person’s head is their own. Black women continue to embark upon their voyage of self-hatred, the saga continues.

Babatunde Umanah

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