MGTOW – Good or Bad?

Introduction – The Thin Line
In recent years, two male sphere became dominant. They became the source for sharing values, insights, advices and revolutionary lifestyle tips for every self-respecting man. But while they are both male-oriented and crucial for preserving a healthy masculine mindset, they are also substantially different.
One is the ‘Redpill’ community, and the other is the ‘MGTOW’ community. Two similar, but disparaging spheres. Can their differences put young men in a predicament? Do they bring a too difficult choice?
While we at Negromanosphere praise individuality and the ability of men to do whatever the hell they want, there are still some crucial traits that are shared by every manosphere, no matter the name.
So, today we will dive into the world of these male spheres, and for the first time we will not focus on all that is common in their ‘preaching’. Instead we will focus on the differences and whether they are really that positive.
Read on!

Time for a quick introduction. For all those of you who are not familiar – MGTOW is a male oriented movement. In their words, it is a way of life which refuses to defer to women in defining the worth of men. Instead, it focuses on positive male aspect, inviting men to go their own way in life. MGTOW stands for – “Men Going Their Own Way”, and it is a way of forging your own identity and path to self defined success.
While the RedPill community is mostly oriented towards being a successful ‘player’, a.k.a. – it focuses on game and success with women, and general masculine values, the MGTOW community tends to put the entire aspect of women into the shadow. Simply, it puts no emphasize on game. While that’s all fine and dandy, at times the MGTOW movement seems to take things to extremes. In turn, these extremes might not be so beneficial to men. Especially those young and clueless ones who are looking for advice. How?
Well take the RedPill for an example. In a way, they offer advice how to handle women. Meaning, a way to better your game and dating abilities, as to become an “alpha”, and successfully treat women in a way that makes you the dominant and leader figure. And the MGTOW does none of it. It is in a way a male counter-movement to feminism, and that simple fact gives you an insight into a much bigger problem. The two gender-spheres are only working towards deepening the chasm that is created between men and women.
While, yes, we HAVE to agree that thots are the cancer of 21st century society, and that MGTOW is largely based on discriminating these promiscuous women, we need to admit that at times this community does sound a tad bit ‘salty’.
Somehow, MGTOW chose not to try and repair the problem, i.e. learn to establish dominance over women, but instead simply ignored the problem altogether, choosing to “go their own way” – while actively being salty about it.
It does have its benefits, inherent to every manosphere, but in the end, is MGTOW really a good choice? Somehow, we think that the active RedPill community offers a better insight into the deeper mechanisms of male-female relationships, and the complex gender roles that are largely subconscious. It offers advices crucial to bettering your game and becoming a successful man, both in finances, and in love.

Negromanosphere is – as the name implies – a manosphere in its own right. As such, it deals with all the subjects that are touched by both the RedPill and MGTOW communities. So we always try to brush up on ALL important subjects that men need to pay attention to, and keep in their sights. What about you? Do you have experience or thoughts about these male movements? Is completely cutting out women from your life a good choice? Is there absolutely no chance for healthy and traditional marriages anymore? We would really like to hear your insight on this pretty important subject. Comment down below with your thoughts, and let’s discuss this together. Until the next time – Keep Conquering!

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