Monetize Your Knowledge through Social Media

Forget what the official job reports presented by the mainstream media are saying.   It’s bleak out there for jobs.  Yes there are new jobs out there but there’s usually a catch.  On one hand the jobs require specialized training which in itself is very expensive.   On another hand there are not so much as new jobs as there are jobs that have been combined from two or three positions into one.   The reality is that many jobs are disappearing.   Despite everything there are still opportunities.

While many jobs have been eliminated the technology that allows for the creation of social media has provided an environment in which entrepreneurs can create a wide variety of businesses.   The key to this is the smartphone.   Though people make calls and text on these phones the main thing they are used for is social media.   Different social media sites need content.   Content is based on a person’s knowledge.   Men can make money by monetizing their knowledge.

The beauty of monetizing your knowledge is that regardless of a man’s area of expertise there is always someone who wants the information.   Take YouTube for example.   There are videos on YouTube telling people how to fix everything from a television to how to fade your hair using a mirror.   There’s something for everyone.

In addition to YouTube and other video platforms there are also many social media sites where one can advertise their services.    The beauty of social media is that someone can go far without spending a penny.   The mechanisms are there but there are other things that a man must have to maximize his efforts to get paid through social media.

The first thing is obvious.   The man must have knowledge of something that people would be interested in finding out about.   A man may be interested in the shape of rocks in his garden but very few other people may share the interest.   The bottom line though is that a man needs to develop his knowledge to the point where his peers can recognize him as an expert in that particular field.  Then we get into the money

To make money a critical mass of people must be interested in the topic.   Then it needs to be something that people are willing to spend money on.   In order make money a significant following must be developed.   This requires a certain charisma.

The key to making money on social media is charisma.  The only exception is that someone is extremely physically attractive.  Most people will have charisma.   One thing about social media is that anyone can create social media accounts.   To succeed one has to stand out in some way.   For example you may have one Barber who gives instruction on how to cut hair but he has a boring presentation and thus only develops a small following.   He doesn’t make a lot of money or get more clients.

Now there is another Barber who might not have the same level of expertise as the first barber but he’s still good at his craft.   The second Barber, however, knows how to make people laugh and always dresses in a stylish manner.   He develops a huge following and gains many clients because of his presentation.   Social media is very visual and quite frankly even on serious matters people look for an element of entertainment.

The economic landscape is one which will be dominated by people who have knowledge that they can effectively share with the masses.   Everybody has something they are good at doing.   A good artist, musician, artist, or just someone who know how to fix cars can always make money through social media.   It just takes some charisma and hard work to monetize your knowledge.


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