When will Men Understand: Money, Fame, & Career Success DOES NOT Equal ‘Game’

Comedian Louis CK (far left), former NBC 'Today Show' Host Matt Lauer (2nd from left), former PBS Talk Show Host Charlie Rose (2nd from right), and former Entertainment Industry Mogul Harvey Weinstein (far right) all had wealth, fame, and influence ... but absolutely no 'game' with women

When it comes to the subject of attracting and seducing women into having sex with men, no singular term is probably more popular or more used than the term “game.”  What exactly does it mean for a man to possess ‘game’ with women?


Most men in the manosphere would agree:  There is no ‘one definition’ of the term ‘game.’  If you were to ask ten heterosexual men their specific definition and description of what it means to have ‘game,’ more-than-likely you would receive no less than five totally different definitions and descriptions.

Personally, I do not use the term ‘game’ hardly at all in my various eBooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks.  I have used the term a few times though in several of my video podcasts on YouTube.

If I were to be asked, “Alan, what is YOUR specific definition and description of what it means for a (heterosexual) man to possess ‘game’ with women?” here would be my response . . .

Alan Roger Currie’s description of ‘game’Anytime a man is able to motivate a woman who he finds very physically attractive and sexually appealing to agree to engage in sexual activities with him without promising that woman any type of long-term monogamy and/or without offering the woman any sort of monetary compensation or financial incentives and rewards directly in exchange for her sexual companionship.

In other words, if the only way a man can get a woman to agree to have sex with him is by either a) promising that woman that he will become her next long-term boyfriend and possibly her future fiancé and husband … and/or … b) offering that woman some form of monetary compensation (i.e., ‘tricking’) or other forms of financial security and financial assistance & support (i.e., ‘wining & dining’ a woman or becoming her Sugar Daddy or financial provider), then that man does not really possess any true ‘game’ with women.


A lot of men are under the misguided belief that money, material possessions, career success, and social status or power & influence leaves women sexually aroused.  The reality is, nothing could be further from the truth.

Here is what all heterosexual men need to realize:  Women are not attracted to all men for the exact same reasons (see related article #1, related article #2, related article #3, related article #4).  For example, a woman might gravitate toward a man who is very wealthy and financially generous, but she might have very little if any genuine interest in engaging in sexual activities with that man.  On the flip side, a woman could meet a man who turns her on to the highest degree sexually, but she may have no interest in being involved in a long-term romantic relationship with that same guy because he is erratically employed or is always struggling financially.

The vast majority of women in society have different criteria for these four types of men:

  • Men who women are only interested in engaging in regular, semi-regular, or occasional casual sex with;
  • Men who women are interested in engaging in some type of long-term (monogamous or non-monogamous) romantic relationship with;
  • Men who women are interested in engaging in ‘transactional sex’ (i.e., sex in exchange for money) with;
  • Men who women want to maintain a purely platonic friendship with, but do not want to engage in sex with at all

The problem with a lot of men is that they tend to confuse and conflate men from one category with men from one or more of the other three categories.  This is a HUGE mistake.

Wealth, financial generosity, material possessions, fame or popularity, and social status are factors that make a man’s NON-SEXUAL attention and companionship more highly appealing.  Those factors do very little if anything to enhance the appeal of a man’s SEXUAL companionship.

When a woman is looking at a man as a candidate for a long-term relationship, his level of financial success and the appeal of his non-sexual attention & companionship is given far more emphasis in a woman’s mind than when a woman is interested in strictly short-term and/or non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex.

For casual sex, a woman only cares about a man’s money if that man plans on engaging in some form of ‘transactional sex’ (i.e., “tricking”).  Otherwise, she only cares about how handsome a man is, how great his sex skills are, and how confident and seductively charming he is.

Put bluntly?  A man with great wealth and less-than-average sex skills will be cheated on by women far more than a man who is broke and unemployed, but possesses exceptional sex skills.


The problem with a lot of men who possess a high degree of career success, financial success, social status, power & influence, and/or fame & popularity is that many of these men tend to neglect the importance of health and fitness, eating right, dressing well, and most importantly, being good in bed.

There have been many stories in the news of attractive, sexy female teachers (many of whom are married) having sex with boys between the age of 12 and 17.  None of these young boys had wealth, career success, or social status.  What does that tell you as a man?

Bottom line:  Money may buy you an orgasm, but money will never allow a man to purchase long-term genuine sexual attraction from a woman.  If money was capable of such an objective, there would be no such thing as an unfaithful girlfriend or adulterous wife with an affluent boyfriend or wealthy husband.

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  • Michael Elam

    This is one of the truths that have been the hardest for me to accept, because it basically means that there is nothing that can level the playing field for a man if he wasn’t genetically blessed to be in that top 20% of men. After all it’s attracting better quality and/or quantity of motives men to become successful and famous in the first place. Even for myself my desire to be in entertainment was 99% for that reason. I will say that I believe being wealthy/rich does give you lots of leverage with women because if a woman wants access to your resources I don’t see how a woman can strong arm a millionaire man talking about she only going have sex with him in a monogamous relationship when he can just dismiss her and find other women who be willing to get with his program. If anything you’d think having a couple million in the bank would give a man more backbone and less willingness to take women’s shit, but I guess for some men even millions in the bank can’t buy backbone and balls.

    • That last comment of yours was right on-point Michael. Money does not necessarily lead to a man developing a higher sense of bold confidence (i.e., “balls”) and/or a stronger sense of hardline indifference toward other people’s opinions, criticisms, insults, and attempts at manipulative behavior (i.e., “backbone”).

      Don’t get me wrong … it is always better to be financially self-sufficient than to be constantly broke, unemployed, and financially struggling … but again, money BY ITSELF does not equal “game.”

  • Michael Elam

    I will also say especially in Hollywood I feel all these sexual harassment allegations might actually come back to hurt many of these women because now there will no mutual “back scratching” going on behind the scenes, and to generalize most of these white actresses can’t act anyway and only got their roles because of their looks/sex appeal. So yeah these actresses better start investing in acting coaches and their craft because there will no roles given anymore by these rich white male moguls. To be honest all these allegations I find very disengenous, why wait 10-15 years(Angelina Jolie, gwyneth paltrow ect) to report Harvey Weinstein? At the end of the day these women don’t care about the wellbeing of other victims of sexual assault but rather extending their 15 minutes because their gravy train has stopped because they are past their prime in terms of age. That’s my own personal feelings but I accept in this gynocentric society offcourse a different narrative will be promoted.

    • Yeah, a lot of these accusations and allegations are simply “sour grapes” on behalf of the women

  • Cookiehead Jenkins

    Bottom line brothers when it comes to dealing with females on ANY social level, especially if you are seeking to expand your “stable”, you must ALWAYS let the game gravitate to you period. Discipline around women should be one of the greatest attributes to possess. Socially you should promote oneself as if it is an absolute “privilege” to be in your presence, not the other way around. NEVER lead off with your resources when it comes to dealing with women. Personally I also look into a woman’s “economic” value in addition to the physical attributes. Many seasoned vets in the game understand “purse first-ass last”. Let a woman trick on you every once in a while but maintain leadership at all times.