M.A.S.S.I.V.E. Moon Bunnies

I should be grateful. Instead I’m like you; a judgmental fuck who’ll probably never be happy because he keeps trying to one-up himself. There are two females that impacted me in my life sexually. What they had in common: They were both red-heads (I consider their hair orange but that’s another story) and they both had nice tits. Their differences: One was old enough to be my mother and the other was about two years younger than me. The older one is a ginger (has freckles) and the younger one does not. Both of them had a vaginal contractile PSI that was relative to a vacuum cleaner. Socially, they were considered to be “butter”, meaning “everything but her face”. They were both what we called “Moon Bunnies”, and are a reflection of the rules of supply and demand in the market for mates in our society.

If you look at popular media, society has its standards of what is considered beautiful, sexy or attractive. Even if you are one of those “oh I’m not judgmental” you probably are, subconsciously. From day one we are programmed of what is acceptable and beautiful in this society and what is not. So now we are a bunch of people chasing what is socially acceptable.

Let’s take for example the notion that a woman is beautiful if she is skinny and has big tits. While that is a natural anomaly, because breast size is usually proportionate to body fat, there are some women who are rare that actually have that. And because it is rare, men flock to it, causing the “price” of this woman to rise. It is sexual economics. Think about the black dude who has green eyes. It’s rare, and because it is, women flock to him raising his relative “price”.

What is the “price”? It means different things to different people; but on average, the more attractive a person is considered relative to their significant other (SO), the more shit that person gets away with. Or conversely, the more beautiful one’s SO is considered relative to them, the more shit the other person puts up with. Why? Because the ‘more attractive’ person can always get someone easier, so it makes the ‘less attractive’ person jump through hoops to keep them.

We used to have this joke in elementary school: “Your mom is like a moped…everybody wants to ride her, but nobody wants to be seen on her.” In one sentence, it sums up that someone who is sexually desired is not always socially acceptable. Even as teens we understood this, and that is where our “Moon Bunny” name came from. It is a woman who we only visit under the moonlight. She is someone we would fuck, but not like to be seen out in public with.  And the moon bunnies would put up with our behavior, like when we would show up late, or let them pay for the food, etc…Why? Because we could do “better” and they knew it. Is it a hedonistic, self-centered ideology? Of course! But everybody does it, and that’s just the way it is. Who’s your moon bunny?

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