Most Nigerian Youths Are Lazy Bastards!

It is not that I like to paint Nigeria badly every time. No. It is just that I’m not happy with how things are being done in this country. Nigeria is a nation divided against itself. Things have fallen apart and the centre has refused to hold. It is the youths that I want to talk to today. Nigerian youths, listen to me very well. Don’t allow any useless politician use you for thuggery in this coming 2019 elections.


Buhari’s child, Zara, is paying over twelve million naira as school fees, developing her future and career in the United Kingdom. Goodluck Jonathan’s children have been moved to London for studies and residence while developing their career and living in affluence. Atiku Abubakar’s children are abroad schooling. Bola Tinubu’s children are abroad schooling and living in affluence. They are all developing and investing in their children to continue to rule us after they are gone.


You are there as a jobless and lazy graduate, wearing APC and PDP customized shirts, chanting “change!” and holding brooms and carrying umbrellas, chanting “transformation”, killing yourselves, fermenting trouble and constituting nuisance to the society because of peanuts that can’t make you a better person. You need to stops being a disgrace to your family and discipline. Stop wearing APC shirts and carrying PDP umbrellas because these things won’t get you anywhere.


Those politicians themselves know. Their wish for you is to be miserable. They don’t want a better life for you. That is why those idiotic politicians keep looting money from Nigeria and depositing them in foreign banks. They are useless. They will only use you and dump you. They will suck the juice from you and throw you into the wastebasket. They have nothing to offer. They are only after themselves and their families. They know that if you have a good job, they can’t use you as a thug or propagandists.


If Muhammadu Buhari will not bring all his ten children to the street for campaign and Goodluck Jonathan will not bring his children and blood brothers to the street for campaign, then you are a disgrace to your family if you don’t stop masquerading yourself as PDP and APC agents, because up till now, I have never seen these politicians’ children on the streets, carrying umbrellas and holding brooms and campaigning for their fathers. They will never do it. They don’t even do that on social media let alone in reality.


Nigerian politicians value their own lives but they can put your own lives at stake. Be wise! These politicians’ children study abroad, start work abroad, get married abroad, go to hospitals abroad, treat headache and cough abroad, give birth abroad, establish businesses abroad, go for vacations abroad and do almost everything abroad. Yet, they come out later to give you guns, machetes, axes and few thousands of naira to cut your fellow brothers down in the name of election.


If the only thing you can do as a Nigerian youth is to be a political thug, then you have a problem. If you don’t have any other vocation than to destroy lives and properties, you surely have a big problem. I think once in a while, as a youth, you should sit down and think about your own life as well. You should stop looking down on yourself and know that you are also capable of becoming the president. You need to remember that you are a human being like these politicians. And that you are also capable of holding political positions.


But, Nigerian youths, I’m already tired of you because you people don’t have sense. I’m fed up with you because most of you don’t know how to think. The only things you know how to do is to cause trouble and smoke weed and fuck around. Most of you even depend on your parents to feed you. You live in your parent’s house, eat their food, and still collect pocket money from your parents. You sometimes even look unto your uncles and aunts to give you money. You don’t think of adding value to yourself and to your society. Nigerian youths, please wake up. I’m tired of you!

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