Most Ridiculous High Fashion Releases Of All Time

Often being used to create symbolism or a culture shock, fashion has never worked for a purely utilitarian purpose. However, designers often fail to deliver their vision so below we’re going to break down the most ridiculous high fashion releases we were able to find online.

5) Tiffany & Co.’s ping pong paddles

Six hundred and fifty dollars for some ping pong paddles, need I say more?

4) Balenciaga revamping the IKEA bag

Okay so check this out: Balenciaga, your favorite rapper’s favorite fashion brand decided that revamping an IKEA bag and slapping it with a huge price tag is a great idea. This is how the brand’s Frakta-revamped bag was created while it retails for a hilarious $2,145.

You got it right, you need to pay $2K plus to rock a damn blue bag that looks exactly like what IKEA moms use to carry their shit. SMH…

3) Jil Sander’s paper bag

Wait, there’s more! Minimalist designer Jil Sander decided to put her print on a brown paper bag while charging a ridiculous $290 for it. So for almost 300 bucks you get to walk around with a brown paper bag with the name Jil Sanders on it, similar to the one you get for free when you do your grocery shopping at your local supermarket. Pretty classy, right?

2) Prada making a paper clip

Yes sir, high fashion brand Prada decided to add a paper clip to one of their collections while allowing all assistant managers to stay in their high fashion specter. The issue is that the item in cause costs no less than $185 so if you might wanna secure a contract of at least $1 million before using it for the paperwork.

Ridiculous? Wait there’s more!

1) Maison Margiela’s distressed sneakers


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I’m giving Maison Margiela the number one spot in our top simply for the culture. People usually like purchasing a new pair of kicks simply because they look crispy and fresh.

Well, designers behind Maison Margiela’s brand decided that destroying a pair of kicks before selling them would be an innovative project so they picked up a pair of kicks, trashed them and sold them for $1,425. Sounds cool, right?


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