Most Underrated Streetwear Brands

With BAPE and SUPREME dominating the streetwear scene at the moment, there’s still plenty of up and coming talent to look out for. Let’s check out some of the most underrated streetwear brands for 2018.

Raised By Wolves

Home of some of the most interesting streetwear designs, Raised By Wolves is often overlooked by street fashion supporters. Just like in the previous years, the brand has a new collection in the works for 2018 and from what it looks like we should be expecting some great work to arrive in the next few weeks. As usual that is.

Illegal Civilization

Illegal Civilization has a decent following on social media while remaining constant with their concept and design. The brand enjoys using fresh and hard-to-ignore color patterns while their merch sells out in a matter of hours once it’s available on the brand’s website.

Definitely a hidden gem if we’re talking about streetwear culture. The people behind the brand are also hosting a podcast where they discuss interesting topics such as voting. Their movement is definitely worth following.


Representing streetwear at its best and purest form, Divinities keeps it simple when it comes to designs but sophisticated enough to intrigue you. Even if the brand doesn’t bombard the market with tons of merch every season, Divinities provides a streetwear fan with exactly what he needs.

Don’t believe us? Take a quick look on their website and see for yourself.


BornxRaised stands for great vision and solid perspectives. The brand’s designs are always inspiring while several celebrities have embraced them in the past and present.

Most recently, BronxRaised teased a possible collaboration with LA Lakers on their website so it’s only natural to include them on our list. Don’t sleep on BornxRaised as it’s probably a name that you will hear more often in the near future.

Brain Dead

Brain Dead is probably the most influential slept-on streetwear brand in activity. Super active on their website while securing dozens of solid collaborations in the past, Brain Dead is probably the most respected streetwear brand that didn’t hit the mainstream culture yet.

Decent prices, great designs and a variety of merchandise are available on the brand’s website with fans rocking their pieces on all streetwear conventions and gather-ups. Don’t sleep on the name as you’ll probably see your favorite rapper rocking it soon.

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