Mumia Obsidian Ali: Black Women Over 35 are ‘Burnt Pies’

Are middle-aged and older Black women only good for short-term and/or non-monogamous sexual relationships? One man who seems to think so is the outspoken and controversial YouTube Podcaster Mumia Obsidian Ali

If there is one thing that has been interesting for me as a freelance writer and columnist for both The (July 2009 – May 2015) and here on The (January 2017 – Present) has been the blend of positive responses – and negative responses – from members of both genders.

For example, since my column premiered on this website in January of last year, there have been at least three articles of mine that have provoked harsh criticisms and strong negative feedback from many (Black) men:

·         The Rise of Black ‘Incels’ and Angry, Bitter Misogynists (June 25, 2018)
·         From the Mind of a Dominatrix: “Men are Weak (for Sex)”  (August 13, 2018)
·         The Infamous ‘Double Standard’: Women and Promiscuity (September 4, 2017)

Similarly, I have had at least three articles of mine published that has provoked both public and private criticisms and strong negative feedback from many (Black) women:

·         36 and Older: The Number of Lonely Black Women Will Only Increase  (September 25, 2017)
·         What Does It Mean When a Woman ‘Hits the Wall?’  (February 9, 2017)
·         Sexual Duplicity: Women and Their Prudish Facades  (February 1, 2017)

The reality is, members of neither gender care to read articles that blatantly point out the flaws and weaknesses in their own behavior.  Each gender would much prefer to ‘point the finger of blame’ at the opposite gender to being the #1 culprit for why today’s dating scene is confusing, disappointing, frustrating, and unsatisfying.


For the purposes of this article, I want to emphasize the first two articles mentioned above that provoked an adverse reaction from my (Black) female readers.  Interesting enough, one of those two articles was published approximately one year ago to the day (36 and Older: The Number of Lonely Black Women Will Only Increase).

I received a similar reaction from women in 2016 (not just exclusively from African-American women, but from women of all races) within weeks and months after I published my last book, The Beta Male Revolution: Why Many Men Have Totally Lost Interest in Marriage in Today’s Society.  In that book, I have at least one chapter – Chapter Fourteen – where I pointed out that once a woman hits the age of 36 and beyond, her appeal as a man’s potential wife or long-term romantic companion begins to diminish significantly.  The chapter is titled, Many Men Who Have Never Been Married and Do Not Have Children Can Afford to be ‘Nitpicky’ When Choosing a Wife.  Most of the female readers of my eBook version and paperback version as well as the female listeners of my audiobook version did not really care for that chapter at all (actually, most women I heard from did not care for Part Three of that book – which covered Chapters Nine thru Fifteen – period).

In Chapter Fourteen of The Beta Male Revolution, I somewhat defend women who are 36 years of age or older who a) have never been married, b) do not have any children, and c) do not have a history of being extremely hard to get along with (i.e. a disrespectful bitch) and/or do not have a history of being extremely promiscuous (i.e., just a straight-up neighborhood slut).  One example of a woman who fits these criteria would be my brother’s wife.  My older brother met his wife when she was 37 years old, and they got married when he was 47 and she was 40.  They just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in late August of this year.

On the other hand, when it comes to highlighting the fact that women who are 36 years of age or older who a) have been divorced at least once, b) have children from a previous marriage and/or children out-of-wedlock, and c) have an abrasive or not-so-feminine personality and/or a history of being extremely promiscuous with men when she was 35 and younger, I spare these women any delusional fantasies of finding their ‘Prince Charming’ (i.e., a man who is handsome, exceptional in bed, earning six or seven figures, no children, and is all about ‘true love’ and strict monogamy) at an older age.

The reality is, not too many men are going to be interested in dropping to one knee and proposing marriage to one of these women who are between the ages of 36 and 59+.  One-night stand? Sure.  Weekend fling? Probably.  Any relationship that is long-term, emotionally profound, and strictly monogamous?  Not hardly.

If you had to come up with an entertaining and lighthearted metaphor for middle-aged and older women who fit the latter criteria, what would it be?  One very outspoken and controversial YouTube podcaster has come up with one:  BURNT PIES.


If you are not familiar with infamous YouTube Podcaster and former columnist who I refer to as The Grim Reaper (a nickname that he actually gave himself I might add), please read this article when you get a chance:  Mumia Obsidian Ali: Sharing the Frustrations of the ‘Norbits’ of the World  (September 18, 2017)


If you are a single heterosexual man reading this article, what would make you enter into a long-term, emotionally profound, strictly monogamous romantic relationship with a woman who is 36 years of age or older?  What attributes or characteristics would prevent you from even considering a woman who is 36 years of age or older from being your future spouse or long-term romantic companion?  What are your thoughts on the commentary expressed by Mumia Obsidian Ali a.k.a. The Grim Reaper?

It must be noted that Ali has publicly acknowledged that he has been actively involved in a long-term relationship with an African-American woman who is beyond the age of forty for the last six or seven years.  He has never (publicly) commented on how monogamous and/or how emotionally profound the relationship is between he and his lady friend.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.  Thank you for reading.

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