Why you need to hang up on her first…EVERY SINGLE TIME


You’re on the phone with your girl and having a great conversation. You’ve talked about the great food at the restaurant you went to last Saturday and the wild aggressive sex you guys had when you got home, she’s told you about how she can’t stand Crystal at her job, you’ve discussed what you two are doing this weekend, and everything in between. Then something happens that is detrimental to her attraction to you that you have no idea is happening on a regular basis…

…she tells you she has to go!

Now on it’s face, it may not seem like a big deal. You two seem to be solid, had a good conversation, and talked about future plans. Nothing wrong with her needing to go and take care of some things, right? After all, you guys talked for over an hour so it stands to reason she doesn’t need to stay on the phone with you all night, right?

“K! I gotta go!”

Well maybe, but what most men don’t understand is that when their women end whatever interaction is going on first, her attraction dwindles. Not enough to matter at that very moment but after a while it adds up and it seldom takes very long for her subconscious to ask her “Why am I not as turned on by him lately?

The answer is that you always allow her to dictate when the interaction ends. This puts her in charge of something and if women have taught us nothing else in the last half century they’ve taught us that they are ill-equipped to lead or make decisions in any capacity that yields good results on a regular basis…including this.

Here are the reasons you need to hang up on her first every single time.

It shows her you don’t need her

Contrary to popular belief, women don’t want men who need them. Sure, romantic comedies often show women pledging allegiance to a man who tearfully confesses to her in the rain “I can’t live without you! I need you!” but men here know that’s not how it happens in real life.

A man who needs a woman is a man who is incomplete. Girls are looking for a train to get on…someone to hitch their collective wagons to. They’re not looking for a man who needs a female to complete him and make him whole.

A quality woman doesn’t necessarily need a man who’s rich, ripped, and has a diversified portfolio. She’s more than happy to assist him in whatever endeavors and goals he may have from the short term to the mid term. But by the same token, she needs a man with a plan. A man who has his shit together who’s going places. He doesn’t have to be all the way there yet but he’s got to be on his way. She needs a plan to follow and assist with.

If she gets the idea that she’s “the missing piece” she’ll be that piece…as in peace out. 30 minutes into the conversation, tell her you’re going. That says to her in no uncertain terms that you could do without her. Staying on the phone with her all night does not convey this important message.

It shows her you have other shit going on in your life

Similar to the one above, women are utterly disgusted with men who eat, sleep, and breathe them. Women cheat on men who are “all about you baby!” with impunity and they feel not one ounce of guilt for it.

I penned a column here recently about two men, Kevin and Dante. Kevin, who was trying to fuck Michelle blew up her phone with texts whenever he could. Dante, ignored her most of the day and ended up blowing her off despite her throwing the pussy at him all day long.

Can You Identify The Simp?

Kevin told Michelle about his night which consisted of eating pizza and binge watching a TV show while Dante briefly told her he was restoring a vintage car with his buddies later on after lifting weights. Michelle is obviously more attracted to Dante. The difference between the two men (aside from the obvious) is that Dante has other shit going on in his life and Kevin only has Michelle to look forward to.

When you make your life “all about her” a woman feels responsible for your happiness as a man. Once this happens, it’s game over. Females don’t want, nor can they handle the burden of being the sole reason a man is content with his life. This is why they’re infinitely more aroused by men who have other things going on in his life. She knows she takes a back seat to his goals and though it may rub her the wrong way at times, she’ll respect it and remain attracted to him.

Dante has better shit to do than to chase pussy all day

So the next time you’re on the phone with your girl, tell her you need to work on your book or that your buddies are coming over to talk about your mountain biking trip this weekend. She may not like it at the time but trust me when I tell you her vagina will moisten.

Less is more

Cliches exist for a reason. The axiom “Less is more” is no different…especially when it comes to sexual relationships between men and women. Generally, the more available something is, the less valuable it becomes. There is far more paper on earth than diamonds which is the reason you can walk into any store and get a pack of paper for $3, but have to take out a second mortgage to buy a diamond. Supply and demand. Simple concept.

Your time works exactly the same way with women. If you’re the kind of dude who talks to or texts your girl for hours on end every day she’s not going to value your presence or your time because it’s readily available to her all the time. In other words, she has too much of it. But hanging up on her first after a short conversation creates the scarcity mentality in women that is critical to their attraction and arousal for men.

“Whatchew mean you gotta go? We only been talkin’ for 4 hours!”

Girls fuck players and ignore simps because there are far more simps out there than players. Players don’t come over every day or text all day or have long conversations with her every day. They go to her house, fuck her, and leave. Then the next time she hears from him is when he sends a short text 3 days later that says “I’m coming over later…be ready.” And because of his abundance mentality (created by his stable of hoes) and her scarcity created by his lack of presence, she cooks dinner, curls her hair, puts on a mini skirt, heels, and a low cut blouse that all but shows her tits, meets him at the door and tells him she’s not wearing panties and that her body is his playground that night.

The simple act of hanging up first will encourage this kind of behavior from your woman(en).

Put this shit in practice TODAY…

…and you’ll notice a change. This is one of many simple strategies that has a tendency to change a woman’s behavior for the better very quickly. It’s so easy to do there’s no reason every man shouldn’t do this every time.

The best part is that hanging up on (or ending the interaction) first will act as a handicap for any deficiencies in game you may have. A man who isn’t afraid to walk away when he feels like it whether it be in person or on the phone, is a man women can come to respect and ultimately love.

“Did this nigga just hang up on me??”

Quit engaging in all night conversations and allowing her to tell you when the conversation is over. Beat her to the punch and she’ll be beating your dick on the regular before you know it.

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