Never Take A Woman Serious You Met At A Bar

Couple Enjoying Drink At Bar With Friends

Gentlemen consider this…outside of drinking why do you frequent bars and clubs?


Simply to put yourself in the
presence of females of course, so that being the case,  you must always assume that every female in these spots
is looking for the same thing you are even if a one night stand is not something some of these females may



Understand this…any females who has had casual sex partners has had at least 1 one night stand,
and in most scenarios they met that person at a bar or a club, do not let females who frequent bars and clubs
tell you they just go to hang out with friends and dance. Do you go to these places just to hang out and
dance…of course not? Now there are always exceptions to the rule, so not every female you encounter in
bars and clubs is looking to be picked up but you need to protect yourself from potentially dating/wifing a



You should always have the mindset that any female you meet in these places you’ll keep the
encounter casual…as in casual sex or maybe even a long term fuck buddy and here’s why. You or someone
you know has a woman who gets bent out of shape if ya’ll go out to clubs or bars, especially without
them…why is this you ask? Because more often than not they themselves have had a fuck buddy or an ex they
met there, perhaps they even had a one night stand from an encounter. More often than not females who
regularly frequent bars and clubs are either slushes and/or have a history of meeting and smashing men they
met there. Once again there are exceptions to the rule, don’t assume the chicks you deal with are. Think about
it, how many times have you been to various bars and/or clubs and see the same female(s).


Tupac tried to
warn you all with “ALL ABOUT YOU”


You probably crooked as the last trick
want to laugh about how I got my ass caught up
with this bad bitch?
Thinking; I had her, but she had me in the long run
it’s just my luck, I’m stuck with fucking with the wrong one
In every club, I see you staring; like you want it
Well, baby, if you got it, better flaunt it
Let the liquor help you get up on it
I’m still tipsy from last night


Now of course the premise of the song was about a video chick, but this applies to the average every day
female as well, think about this if you have a daughter that is college age 19-23 would you want her in and out
of clubs and bars every weekend? No you wouldn’t because the visual would be disturbing to you. You would
also probably tell her that it’s not becoming of a lady who wishes to be a wife and mother someday to live that



You would also say you’re not going to find a good man in those spots because they’re going to look
at you as a piece of ass, that being the case why would you take any female who spends her weekend boozing
it up and grinding on strangers seriously. It does not matter how fine or sexy the chick is beauty is not the
staple for integrity, morals, standards and principals. Gentlemen I would like to turn your attention to a post
the Negromanosphere writer Donovan Sharpe did on July 16, 2017 titled “How to decide if a woman is worth
your time outside of sex”.


Check it out @ The Sharpe Reality Podcast. There is a very distinct parallel
between this article and his video.

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