New 2017 Social Media Trends from Africa

The year 2016 ended seeing various forms of challenges on social media globally such as the Ice Bucket Challenge etc. However, such challenges seemed to have stepped up a bit more in the first 2 weeks of 2017 from the African continent and here are the top hot two;


The Dead Pose #DeadPose

This particular challenge that originated from South Africa and described as immoral and satanic has been linked to the release of a South African Hip-Hop star popularly called Jub-Jub from jail. Convicted in 2012 for homicide after his involvement in the death of four young people during a daring car race in 2010, and released on parole on 05 January 2017.

Ever since, young people have taken to twitter (#BlackTwitter) to show their dead pose #DeadPose.

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Pretty Mike #PrettyMikeChallenge

Despite been criticized as cheap popularity by many people on social media. Lagos Big boy and owner of Club Uno, Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu popularly known as ‘Pretty Mike’ made headlines last December after he was spotted on the streets on Lagos walking two girls tied to ‘dog-chains’. He did stop there and was spotted again in January 2017 walking two girls tied to ‘dog-chains to a public event in Lagos Nigeria which spark outcry that led to his arrest by the law enforcement authorities.

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The 30-year-old was arrested for dehumanizing young girls, Nigerians and concerned Africans went online to voice out their concern and anger over the ‘bitch-treatment’ giving to the the financially vulnerable young girls. That however didn’t stop those that have been provoked and a response already surfaced online of a lady posting photos and video of her leading two men in chains, just a few hours after Pretty Mike’s arrest. People are expecting more responses this in a world where women globally are badly want gender equality.


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