Next level game: How to make a woman invest in you

Men who are good with women are well aware of the fact that when a woman invests in you, she’s far more likely to not only stick around, but not put her relationship at risk with behaviors conducive to infidelity. The reason for this is that women want a return on their investment. They’re not going to invest in a man, then just walk away when they hit a rough patch. They’ll stick it out because they have skin in the game.

There are 6 main ways women invest in Men and those ways are time, emotion, attention, money, energy, and to a far lesser degree pussy. The act of having sex with a man isn’t much of a investment for a woman because she’s given her pussy to many men by that point.  By virtue of many men having had her vagina, it’s worth much less. However, the more a woman sleeps with one particular man, the more emotionally invested she becomes. Because of this, pussy does become something of an investment for women but only because emotion creeps in at some point.

As far as sex is concerned, girls are purely emotional. If he’s hot, excites her, makes her pussy wet, and shows that he’s not intimidated by her beauty, she’ll fuck him without a second thought. But when it comes to relationships, women are far more pragmatic. That pragmatism kicks in and subconsciously tells her “Okay, this guy seems to be the real deal but I’m not investing anything until I know for sure he’s worth investing in.”

As a man, you have to worth investing in. There are 6 main areas that will increase your investability as far as women are concerned and they are Social value, Excitement, Protection, Talent, Provisioning, Appearances.

Social value

Social currency is an investable commodity as far as women are concerned

Pretty girls are extremely vain. Of course they are. They’re pretty. They’re always checking themselves in the mirror, changing their outfits if they don’t feel like they look absolutely perfect, and so forth. It never ends.

The guy she’s seen with is equality important to her. The hive-minded creatures that women are require their significant others to be directly and indirectly signed o on by their peers. If a girl is attracted to a great looking guy, she’ll make a play to get with him. But if none of her friends tell her he’s attractive and/or she doesn’t see other women looking at him in public or openly flirting with him, she starts to question her judgment as far as attraction goes.

One of the many iron clad doctrines of the female species is that no woman wants to be with a man that other women don’t want. If a woman’s boyfriend or husband isn’t attractive to other women, he’s not worth much to her in the way of social value.

Every pretty girl wants a guy she can bring around her friends to show off . They want to be able to say “Look at me! I’m an attractive woman with an attractive man!” and if she pulls it off her friends will see her in a positive light.

Yes, there are other things that are important to them, but if they don’t think the men they’re interested in can’t offer them social value, she’s not interested.

In order to build your social value to women and get them to invest in you, get in shape and dress well. There are other things involved with building social value but those two things are the foundation as far as beautiful women are concerned. Easier said than done, sure, but it still has to be done.

It also helps if you have an outgoing personality. A good looking guy who dresses well and charms her friends will be highly enticing.


Girls love Men who excite them and they’ll do anything to keep them around

As important as social value is to pretty  girls, excitement may be a little higher on their totem pole as far as getting them to invest. And if you’re boring, she won’t invest. Period.

These kinds of girls like spontaneous men who keep them on their toes. They crave unpredictability and an extemporaneous existence within any relationship

“Been there, done that” is the prevailing attitude with women are tired of the same cookie cutter dudes who all seem to use the same strategies to keep them attracted. This is where you come in.

Be unpredictable and keep her guessing. A go to strategy I like to use is when you see her just say “gotta surprise for you.” She’ll be dying to know where it is you’re taking her and that’s the excitement she craves. You could be taking her to the pond to feed the ducks or to the mall for the grand opening of a new coffee shop, the fact is that the anticipation itself it what excites her and keeps her attracted to you and makes you a more investable commodity.

Girls don’t always want to know what you’re going to do before you do it. Use your creativity here but make sure you keep her guessing and keep her on her toes. It’s what these girls really want…especially the young beautiful ones.


If she doesn’t feel safe with you, she won’t invest in you

The way American laws are written and enforced today, women don’t have the same physical respect for men they once used to. They’re simply not afraid of us anymore. We all see in our everyday lives how brazen and confrontational women are with men because they know with near 100% certainty that if they put hands on a man, he’s likely not going to hit back. Worst case scenario, he pushes her away or restrains her and even then, she knows she can call the cops and have him locked up.

That said, there’s something to be said about a man who can fight. Although most women know they can get away with almost anything these days, knowing her man can throw hands when and if the situation calls for it is a huge turn on.

It also assures her that she is physically protected with you. Sure, women are almost completely insulated from physical danger and are safer than they’ve ever been in human history but knowing that you’re not a stranger to physical confrontation with men will relax her around you which is extremely important to attraction.

If you don’t know how to fight, learn to. Join a boxing gym, learn jiu jitsu, or any other martial art or fighting discipline. Not only does it increase your confidence, it increases your attraction.

Personally, I’ve been in many fights (I’ve won more than I’ve lost). I did BJJ for a few months and I plan on taking Krav Maga in early 2019. My girl knows that I’m capable of defending myself and her which makes me much more investable.


Women are drawn to talent. If you possess a skill or a talent, Girls will invest time, sex, and attention. A man who is an A+ at one thing will fuck better looking women who’s a B- at everything. You could have a dad bod, drive a shitty car, have below average looks, and work at a telemarketing job, but if you can make ice sculptures, or can build an engine from scratch, or play the guitar like young beautiful women will literally throw their panties at you.

Anyone who doubts this need only look at the rising culture of e-sports. Dudes who play video games all day every day are the best at what they do and because of it they’re now making millions traveling the world and showing o their video game playing acumen.

Now you may think that basement dwelling video game playing geeks don’t have a chance with women but don’t get it twisted, the girls they snag are HOT. Gamers don’t have as much social skill or experience with women when they first start but make no mistake about the fact that when they reach the top of their craft, beautiful girls are soon to follow.

If you don’t have a talent, find a hobby you enjoy and cultivate that. The point is never to stagnate and be just another guy to her. Talent is a highly investable trait to have as a man.

Long term provisioning and finances

Banks don’t give loans to broke people. Just like women don’t invest in broke Men

I’m not saying you have to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or have a 6 to 7 figure net worth but if you’re looking to get high quality girls to invest in you, you can’t be a bum either.

Now some of you out there might be thinking “If females don’t require you to be rich to invest in as a man, then why try in the first place?”

Simple.  Because she doesn’t want to support your broke ass. She wants a man, not a boy who lives off of her like a child. Yes, there are females who are dating broke dudes who don’t have two nickels to rub together. But these  women are either low value, desperate, or both. We’re talking about women are ugly, fat, or really old (in her 40s).

If you think a beautiful women are going to keep a broke ass man around, think again. They might use him for a booty call or a fuck buddy arrangement but that’s the extent of it. At some point she’ll start fucking somebody else who has a better financial outlook….not that he has to be rich, but girls invest in men who are more financially shrewd than men who are broke. That’s just basic math.

These women have to know that you are financially responsible and that you’re going places. Tell her about your short, mid, and long term goals. Show her that you understand the value of a dollar. Make it clear to her (through your actions, not your words) that you’re not to be used as an ATM but that you don’t mind picking up the tab if she keeps her shit in line.

Again, you don’’t have to be rich. Far from it. But your financial house must be in order because a man who’s good with money is a man she can respect and invest in. And as we all know, respect is the single most important element in a woman’s attraction to a man.


Not to this degree but make sure you’re looking good

This is similar to social value you can offer to good looking girls. But at some point your social value has to extend to her friends, her co-workers, and possibly her family.

Again, she’s not looking for anything long term until she sees you’re worth investing in. But if you’re more attractive, more financially stable, in better shape, and have a better handle on her as a female than any man she knows, she’ll start to entertain thoughts of a long term relationship with you which means she’ll have a reason to start investing in you.

Not to say you have to lock her down long term if she makes a play to consolidate on you but if that’s the direction you want to go at some point, it’s important to sure it’s a viable option.

If a woman thinks she may want to be with you for the foreseeable future, you need to make sure you appear to be the best option for her. Understand that attractive women get offers constantly so if your game isn’t on point and you don’t look the part, she’ll jump ship the minute she sees a man who DOES look the part meaning she’ll want to invest in him and not you

Make sure you dress well consistently and get and stay in good shape. Doing these things will represent both of you well when you’re in public together. Women want direct and indirect approval from their friends and relatives that they’ve chosen a man of value and if they sign off on you, they start to invest in you.

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