Nigeria: A Country of Bastards And Thieves

Can Muhammadu Buhari fight corruption in a country where governors earn about five billion monthly, but refuse to pay salaries which cost not more than three hundred million monthly? Can the Nigerian president fight corruption in a country where the citizens support the same people syphoning and embezzling the funds and assets of the public and what rightfully belongs to the public? Nigerians hail the people who make life difficult for them.


Can he fight corruption where  local government chairmen are quiet and silent about the mal-administration and impunity happening in the state because they get their shares of the loots monthly from the governor? Can the son of Daura fight corruption in a country where a senator is richer than the constituency he is representing at the National Assembly? I have said it severally that Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria.


Do we expect Muhammadu Buhari to fight corruption in a country where people get deceived by bags of rice and little amount of money to propagate hatred ignorantly to their own detriment but to the advantages of our politicians? Do you know that if the monthly allocations coming to states are shared by one million each to every citizen of the state, the governor would still have about three billion left in the state account just for the month? Where then is this money going? How are these politicians spending it?


Do you know that those bad roads, bad schools, bad hospitals and other bad amenities have been awarded for reconstruction? Do you know that the money for the rebuilding of those infrastructures have been paid for? Do you also know that the same people you are hailing are the ones withholding the money for their selfish interests? We have taken our aggressions and bad situations to Buhari instead of asking ourselves what these governors are doing with their allocations.


How does a governor who receives about five billion every thirty days sleep at night knowing he is owing his workers arrears of about eleven months salary? And the citizens of these affected states go ahead to blame Muhammadu Buhari  because we all believe that he is the source of the mayhem happening in this country today, but these governors who encourage you to protest have not been owed any allocation since Muhammadu Buhari became the president, who is fooling who?


Nigerians, bring your anger home. Muhammadu Buhari is not your enemy. He is not your problem. He is fighting those that have destroyed your future. He is trying to fix Nigeria but your hatred and social media propaganda is distracting him and elevating these wicked politicians representing you on national levels. Most Nigerian youths have attained marriage age but they can’t marry because they are unemployed and have no source of income to pay bills.


The people we elect to represent us are the ones making life difficult for us. They are the professional thieves. They are the ones stealing with pens and going freely. In the past, politicians steal thousands. Nowadays, they don’t steal thousands anymore. They have migrated to stealing millions and billions. And we wonder why Nigeria is not moving forward? And we wonder why we are not progressing as a country? And we wonder why we are backward? It is our uncles and aunts and brothers and fathers who have brought us into this rottenness. They are the ones who deserve to be cursed, not Muhammadu Buhari!

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