Nigeria: A Country Where Nothing Seems To Work

Welcome to Nigeria, a country where politicians eat and drink in corruption. Welcome to Nigeria, a place of disorderliness where people don’t obey laws and where the citizens are stubborn. Where to Nigeria, where people act like goats. Welcome to Nigeria, a place of darkness and total darkness. I say, welcome to Nigeria, a place where the national budget can be misplaced, or stolen, at any time. Welcome to Nigeria, where you can’t even trust the ATM. Welcome to Nigeria, a place where nothing works!


When Nigeria Agriculture, Operation Feed the Nation (OFN) died, Obasanjo Farms Nigeria (OFN) resurrected. When Nigeria Airways died, our leaders own private jets. They keep cruising around the world. When the Educational Sector died,  then Olusegun Obasanjo, Atiku Abubakar, Ibrahim Babangida and others started their private schools. When our major oil refineries died, they all have massive oil refinery companies outside the shores of Nigeria.


When NEPA died, they built generator companies while generators importation  increased by hundred percent. You see why it will be very hard for Nigeria to get better? You see why Nigerians may live in a mess for a very long time? These politicians that we call leaders are our problems. They are the ones making life difficult for us. Nigeria will continue to live in darkness because politicians keep importing generators instead of finding a lasting solution to the problem of electricity.


When NITEL and MTEL died, have you asked who are the major stakeholders in our current Network Companies in the country? The people who promised you a future are the ones taking your future away. Obasanjo knows how much he is raking from these communication companies. When you are hungry, you go to these politicians and sell your votes and waste your future away. They know how they operate. They know that a hungry person has limited choices.


They pad our budgets to favour themselves. They kill to catapult themselves into power. They killed the judicial system to avoid prosecution. That is why most of them are presently barking that they don’t want Muhammadu Buhari, because he keeps blocking their evil ways. Contracts, they award to themselves and their families. When they need political thugs, you are called upon but when it is time for employments, they put their children and families forward. Bastards!


They send their children abroad to acquire the best of education so that you will always remain a slave. They want you to continue worshipping them. They want you to keep grovelling at their feet forever. They want you to keep using your tongues to lick their shoes. Religion and ethnicity are their weapons to empty your brain of God’s given brain while your rights to quality and good education are trampled upon. No wonder you lack the mental capability to think for yourselves. You are just their puppets.


Do you still wonder who killed Nigeria? Do you still get confused about who destroyed this nation? It is the fools that we rolled into power. It is the idiots that we chose to govern us. Over the years, they have left us in a state of penury. Until you know your enemies, you will always fight a fruitless battle. That is why late Fela Anikulapo Kuti called Nigerians ‘zombie’, because we have failed to understand the gimmicks of these good-for-nothing bastards who call themselves politicians.


Nigerians, it is time for you to stand up to your future. Free yourselves from the bondage and slavery of these useless politicians. They don’t even know whether you are existing. They don’t know you. They don’t know your family. They have no plans for you. They don’t share in your dream. They don’t share in your aspirations. They don’t care about you. They don’t fucking care about you. Open your eyes and know for yourselves that the idiots are against you. They are not representing you. They are only representing themselves and their families.

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