Nigeria Still Underdeveloped After 57 Years of Birth

Nigerians are rigid people. We hate change. Majority of us are used to the way things have always been done. We don’t believe there could be a better way. We are too comfortable with mediocrity. That is why we have not been able to find a lasting solution to the problem of electricity. We still live in darkness since 1960. Shame on Tafawa Balewa. Shame on Gowon. Shame on Awolowo. Shame on Shagari. Shame on Obasanjo. Shame on Nnamdi Azikwe. Shame on Goodluck Jonathan. Shame on the current Buhari. He is no better. They are the ones who have led Nigeria to where we are today. We are still underdeveloped after 57 years of womb escape. The same old stories.


A 57 year old man is no more a kid. But Nigeria is still a baby, courtesy of these irresponsible bunch of maggots that we call leaders. They said you are monitoring people on social media. I am well aware of this. Why won’t you monitor people when you know that you are not doing the right things? You are doing bad and you don’t want us to complain? Impossible! We are not puppets. You continue to travel abroad and see how things are done but you have refused to make Nigeria better. You are bastards! We know that things are not working well unless we want to continue deceiving ourselves. Buhari didn’t plan to come home yet. He was dragged to Nigeria because of too much pressure from people. If Buhari were to be my father, I would honestly tell him to resign and take better care of his health.


It is not necessary to die for Nigeria by force. We can still make things better without killing anyone. Nigeria needs no atonement. We don’t need a sick president, too. The problems in Nigeria are too big to be handled by a sick man. Even a healthy man must find the challenges of Nigeria challenging, let alone a sick man. Buhari has been going and coming, like an ‘abiku’ (According to Yoruba mythology, Abiku refers to a child who dies repeatedly before puberty. It means ‘predestined to death’).


The other day, Charly Boy staged a peaceful Resume or Resign protest in Abuja, Nigeria. Youths who have no future ambition started victimizing him. They threw stones and damaged his car. The stupid elements in the Nigerian Police also teargassed his eyes. They don’t want him to speak out. They want to continue riding Nigerians like asses. But everyone cannot be stupid. We can’t all sleep and put our heads in the same direction. There must be people wise enough to think about the future.


Nigerian government cannot continue to terrorize us. We are not criminals. We have done nothing wrong. All we want is for the government to be responsible. All we want is a better life for all Nigerians. These useless politicians should stop stealing money. They should stop abusing their office. They should stop maltreating us. We are not animals. We deserve a better life, too. They should stop siphoning national funds to fill their personal pockets.


You can’t keep cheating people and expect them to shut up. They will shout. They will cry. They will bark loudly like dogs until you change. If you push us to the wall, we will surely revolt. We will turn back and face you. And tear you apart. We elected you into positions to make our lives better. We didn’t elect you to torment us. Nigerians have suffered so much. The religious leaders who should speak for them are less concerned.


I know that Nigeria will get better if we all lift our voices in unity to criticize the wicked deeds of these irresponsible politicians. That is why some of us keep barking like rabid dogs on social media almost everyday. It is not because of us alone. It is also for those who don’t have the same opportunities that we have. Nigerians should not be treated like slaves in their own land. Pastors and immams should raise their voices. They should join the masses to reject oppression by a government that has chosen to be irresponsible.


Religious leaders should not only collect money from poor people. They should care about how well they live also. People see me as a mad man because they think I always go against religious leaders. The truth is that we can’t deceive people for long. We must challenge old beliefs that are not working for us. There is no harm in productive thinking. The fact that things have always been done a certain way doesn’t mean they should continue if they don’t favour you anymore. There is always a better way.


Nigerians are not easy people. They hate progress, indirectly. Anything that challenges their old beliefs and mentality is seen as bad and unworthy of acceptance. That is why they always call for my head when I speak against the excesses of religious leaders. That is why they always say ‘thou shall not judge’. But I’m not judging. I’m only saying the things I know. Politicians and religious leaders are the ones destroying Nigeria with their gimmicks and corruption. Nigeria will get better when we do, and speak about things that matter. It will get better when we refuse to be silent in the face of oppression.Nigeria, Still Underdeveloped After 57 Years of Birth

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