Nigerian Men Need To Stop Kissing Their Mother’s Buttocks

A few weeks ago, I was having a discussion on my Facebook Timeline regarding the celebration of Mother’s Day. It was my opinion that many mothers in the United States were not worthy of being celebrated based on the behavior of their dysfunctional children. While many agreed with me on the Facebook Post, a Nigerian  man from Lagos (who I will not mention his name) commented this:

“Don’t know abt u bt African mothers r a miracle,they may not b perfect,yet they are angels. This is one of d ways we celebrated them in my community ystday.”

Please do not disparage the fucked up used of the English language that the man decided to use. While it is almost unbearable to read and articulate his statement, we do get the just of his message. Now in his defense, he did mention the fact that African mothers “may” not be perfect.

However, his  further articulation   of Nigerian mothers with respect to being  “angels” implies that he believes that their  perfection is absolute. Let us now examine his use of the term “may” due to it’s importance in this statement. The word “may” suggests that they either “CAN” or “CANNOT” be perfect. He does not say that they are “NOT” perfect. With this statement, his implication is that African mother’s could be perfect without flaw depending on certain circumstances. The overall defense of his statement is that “African Mothers” are ANGELIC OR MIRACLES. Before I assassinate his position, let us define the meaning of the word “miracle.”



an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.
“the miracle of rising from the grave”
synonyms: supernatural phenomenon, mysteryprodigysign

“his first miracle was to turn water into wine”
  • a remarkable event or development that brings very welcome consequences.
    “it was a miracle that more people hadn’t been killed”
  • an exceptional product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something.
    “a machine which was a miracle of design”

In the context of this definition, the commenter is implying that Nigerian Mothers are exceptional. Furthermore, Nigerian or African mother’s are “supernatural phenomenons” that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws.  Before I go into the miracle explanation, I need to talk about the disingenuous or duplicitous behavior of Nigerian Men at large.

Fact #1: Nigerian Men have no problem calling out Corrupt Pastors or Preachers

Nigerian men spend much time on the world wide web discussing the abuse that pastors conduct constitutively in Nigeria. From the likes of T.B. Joshua to   Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Nigerian men have no issues with calling out the monetary and sexual misconduct of Pastors in their country. They beg for the heads of these ministers on a platter due to their deceitful and corrupt policies against the people of God.


Fact #2: Nigerian Men have no issues calling out the Nigerian Political System Or President Buhari

Nigerian Men love to throw negative connotations at the President of Nigeria. Nigerian Men say that the political system of Nigeria is in shambles. The country is in dire need of reform. Such politicians are just taking money away from the great citizens of Nigeria and should be jailed for their offenses.


Fact #3: Nigerian Men have no issues criticizing Nigerian women (other than their mother)

Nigerian men complain that all Nigerian want from them is money. They don’t want to submit to their authority. All Nigerian women are concerned with is weave, clothes, and flashy lifestyles. They are disrespectful and rude to them. These new Nigerian women are nothing like those of the past. These women have become feminized and unattractive in their behaviors towards Nigerian men.


HOWEVER, Nigerian men are very quiet when it comes to criticizing their own mother’s for her mistakes.







The bible says that Jesus walked on water and then summoned Peter to walk on it also. As Peter walked towards Jesus, he then began to drown. Jesus then saves his ass from drowning.

How many niggas have you  ever seen walk on water in your life?


Why is Jesus walking on water  important?

The story of Jesus walking on water is considered “a miracle” due to the fact that walking on water is impossible for humans. Because Jesus had this extramundane ability to walk  on water, we can assume he is “supernatural” OR possesses unique abilities that normal humans do not have. His mere walking on water defies the forces of buoyancy in Physics that we have become accustomed to. If you were to view such a person walking on water, what would you call this situation?



The abuse of the word “miracle” shows either this man has no real comprehension of the word



he is a blatant ass kisser of Nigerian mothers who  don’t deserve the accolades he is giving them.


Nigeria has over 200,000,000 people….so how is something so common as childbirth a miracle?

With over 20 percent of Africa’s population in Nigeria, becoming a mother is not hard to do. All some woman needs to do is have sex unprotected and get pregnant. Childbirth is not a miracle.


Because people have children DAILY in Nigeria….and….they have A LOT OF THEM! A miracle cannot be a daily or hourly occurrence. However, there is another question that I pose to Nigerian Men who share his sentiment:


If Nigerian Mothers  are exceptional or MIRACLE associated, wouldn’t this create children who are the same?

We sit back and ponder on the aforementioned question together. Before going into detail, I ask you to get out of your emotions and access the current state of your country Nigeria. The question is this: Does Nigeria a nation with a population filled with angelic or miracle based people? There is only one African Nation like this that exists:


Wakanda is the only nation that has people who are angelic OR miracle associated objects that are concurrent with the theme of this country. In continuance, WAKANDA IS FICTIONAL!

The true reality of the situation is that Nigeria is home to corrupt officials, missed opportunities, a failed state, and a home to many miserable citizens of the greatest country on the Continent.



I can give my own hypothesis of why Nigeria is in it’s predicament: Bad PARENTING! Every country that is in a failing situation must first look to the home of the parents that birth the children. The crime, scandals, scams, drug use, and corruption that hounds Nigeria are LEARNED behaviors from BAD MOTHERS….AND….FATHERS.

So Why Do Nigerian Men Turn Their Heads Away From This?

Most Nigerian men are cowards for their mothers as many Black Men are. Don’t get me wrong: Nigerian men have noticed bad behaviors in their mothers before. They know that their mother’s could have possibly  created  bad disadvantages for them as Nigerian Men. They know that their mother’s have created a lack of opportunities with their haste decisions. But will Nigerian Men acknowledge this?


I have met many Nigerian Men abroad and in the United States. Many of them are working hard right now JUST SO they can send their mother’s money home back in Nigeria. The mother wasn’t bright enough to chose the right man to have a child by. Thus, the Nigerian son must go out and play son AND husband to his own mother by providing all of his income for the family. Not only is the son responsible for his mother, he must also be responsible for the other siblings that she has. Many times these siblings are by DIFFERENT Nigerian men.


But Oshay…my mom isn’t like the Nigerian Moms you are describing

Of course you want to feel like you are special. You don’t want to scrutinize your mother and see her for what she is. That is exactly the reason why Nigerian men will never have any respect from their women. How can you see correct your woman when you are blinded by the mistakes of your own mother?


Does this mean I hate my own mother if I acknowledge her mistakes as a woman?

No! However, just because you see your mother as perfect, your father most likely looks at her as a bitch. If he doesn’t now, he has in the past. The fact is, your mother has been someone else’s whore before. My mother has…and so has yours. Your mother has been a thot in the past. My mother has…and so has yours. I love my mother dearly…but is she an angel?



Is she a Miracle?


Nigeria is in its perils as a country DUE to the fact that Nigerian Mother’s and Father’s keep the country in RUINS!


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