Nigerian Pastors And Politicians: Birds of A Feather

I want to gossip a bit about some people. I may have to start with the Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky. Maybe this is the right time to say this. He can read this and get angry. I don’t care. I know that someday, he would remember these words and appreciate them. Most of his friends and fans are not sincere with him. They keep leading him on in his foolishness. But Bobrisky has to stop using bleaching creams. He can continue acting like a woman. That’s none of my business. He should just please, stop using bleachers. Those things are already destroying his skin.

The truth is, when you have money, you don’t actually need bleaching creams to make your skin glow. You don’t need them to make you beautiful. You only need to eat well and drink water at the appropriate time and maintain proper hygiene. There is nothing wrong in applying body creams, I mean simple body creams. It is okay. You don’t really have to bleach to look beautiful. You can use Vaseline and still shine if your skin supports it. Using bleachers is like writing an application letter to skin cancer. Most people know this.

I know that this is none of my business but we can’t keep watching Bobrisky until he shatters his own life. We can’t. I know a lot of celebrities who have brought troubles upon themselves because of their unwholesome lifestyles. They don’t take cognisance of small things until those things become big things and then they start running around for people to help them. I know that Bobrisky has money. He should use the money to take care of himself. He should eat well. Drink water and wine. And fuck, if necessary. He should quit bleaching. It will lead him into trouble.

By the way, I heard that Bobrisky was recently featured in a music video by Mr Shaa. I have been thinking, what is Bobrisky going to sing about? This is not to relegate him but I’m just anxious of what he would sing about and how he would sing it. I’m very sure that Bobrisky will recite his national anthem, ‘Oshey Baddest’ for more than fifty times in the song. That is his brand. To Bobrisky, everything is Oshey Baddest. Ask Bobrisky to tell you his name and I’m very sure he will open the line with Oshey Baddest. Can’t he just speak reasonably without saying these meaningless words?

Now, to the Nigerian pastors and the hullabaloo of tithe. You would recall that recently, the issue of whether to pay or not to pay tithes to Nigerian pastors has been making rounds on social media. This was started by a Nigerian On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze, when he said Nigerian pastors are not entitled to tithes, since they are not Levites. One of the objects of criticism from Daddy Freeze is Pastor Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Now, pastor Adeboye’s son, Leke Adeboye, has come out to thank Daddy Freeze for correcting his son. Leke said they are actually making good money from people’s tithes and offerings.

Meanwhile, there is another news surrounding Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, Majek Fashek, and Daddy Freeze. This guy seems to be following Nigerian pastors closely. We recently heard that Pastor Biodun invited Majek Fashek to sing in his church. Majek is a secular musician. He wasn’t expected to minister on a church stage. This didn’t go down well with OAP Freeze as he called Pastor Biodun out, criticizing him about allowing a secular musician to sing in a church. He sees it as a desecration of the holy temple. As you know, pastors will always have something to say to defend themselves.

Nigerian pastors and Nigerian politicians are the same. There is no truth in them. They are all liars and they are both only interested in fattening their pockets. We listen to preachings almost everyday. We go to church almost everyday. But our wickedness still remain with us. If we truly know God, our country won’t be in this deplorable situation. It is because we are godless people that we remain in this mess. We hate one another. Everyone is on his own. You can’t take people for their words. Pastors deceive the followers. Politicians deceive the citizens. We call on God but He turned a deaf ear. It is not His fault. It is our fault.

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