Top 5 Nigerian Rappers Right Now

Check out our top five Nigerian rappers right now to find out more about one of the most talented music waves coming from overseas.

5. Skales

Despite being only 27 years old, Skales has managed to bring some great value to the Nigerian rap game while still being able to finish his studies. Even if he took a few breaks to focus on music, the rapper is now a college graduate that plans on going full force in the music industry.

And fans are totally supportive of his efforts. As of right now, Skales can brag with a few hundred songs and the support of some heavyweight gurus from the industry. Most definitely we’re going to hear more about him in the future.

4. Reminisce

While still being a relatively new figure in the game, Reminisce has managed to earn the respect of fans as well as other rappers. Previously, the rapper has been invited to record with other established artists from Nigeria and his album Baba Hafusa did some remarkable streaming numbers.

As a matter of fact, his work is so powerful that Reminisce has been invited to record a song with non other than MMG rapper Wale. More power to him.

3. Phyno

Similar to many other situation, Phyno Obago is a Nigerian music producer turned rapper that’s originally from the eastern part of Nigeria. However, Phyno is not only a rapper. He can sign, produce and record songs on his own while having one of the most prosperous careers in the Nigerian music industry.

Don’t forget his name as you’ll be hearing more often soon.

2. M.I.

Second position on our top goes to M.I Abaga, also known as Chairman to his fans. Lyrical and creative enough to form new slangs that later on become super popular to fans, M.I. is among the most respected rappers in the country. His latest studio work (Chairman – 2015) was named album of the year while still making waves in 2018.

Definitely someone to check out if you’re into fast rappers.


While having an established fan base and a long music history to back him up, Olamide Adedeji is one of the most gifted, hard-working and popular rappers coming from Nigeria. Until now, Olamide received the Hottest Rapper Of 2017/2018 recognition from MTV Base while his album Eyan Mayweather is still doing serious numbers despite the fact that it was released almost four years ago.

Olamide also worked with artists such as Davido, Wizkid, Lilkesh while securing a strong portfolio with his name on it.


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