Nigerians Are The Demons That Nigerians Pray Against

Nigerians wake up to bad news everyday. Now, people will have to think very well before lodging in hotels in Nigeria now. No place is safe. Nigeria has become a nightmare for its inhabitants. Death beckons everywhere: in the homes and on the streets. The government torments and kills the citizens night and day and the citizens also kill themselves. It is a jungle. An animal kingdom. Everyone is looking for fast money. Everyone wants to ride the latest cars and live flashy lives by all means.

Majority of the young men are into cybercrimes and the females among them have become branded prostitutes (oloshos). They fuck all about for money, without care. The old people are also into many illegal things. It is now a city of lawlessness. People killing each other for money like beasts. You can’t travel freely without having some fears. You can even get kidnapped in your own house or anywhere. You have to be looking left, right, front and back while walking on the street. It is that bad.

You can’t sleep peacefully in your own house without opening an eye. You are haunted within and without. If you travel by road, you must think of accidents and kidnappers and robbers. If you choose to travel by air, you must be praying against air crash because one can’t really trust anything to work perfectly in Nigeria. The other day, it was a building collapse that claimed many lives. I don’t understand why we can’t just get things right in this country. Are we under a curse?

There are too many tragedies. Avoidable tragedies. Human-induced tragedies. I do not expect that Nigeria, a nation of very religious people, with thousands of religious worship centres, can be this bad. I thought everything should be perfect, judging from how we claim to believe so much in God. I thought ours should be one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries. I find it difficult to understand how very religious people have become so wicked to themselves

Are we really sure Nigeria is not under a curse? I doubt it because it is always one calamity on another. I have been waiting for a time when we will hear good news for a whole week but it has never come. Newspapers, bad news. TVs, bad news. Radio, bad news. Internet, bad news. Sometimes you have to run away by shutting down your TV to avoid seeing or hearing bad news. Most of the things we see and hear daily torment us mentally. And one wouldn’t mind running away from this City of Darkness.

We don’t care how money is made anymore, we just want to make it. Most of the people you think are human beings are actually beasts in human skin. They look responsible. They go to church and give offerings and tithes. They go to mosques to perform salat and give alms. They don’t braid their hairs like some of us who are seen as misfits and irresponsible. They probably don’t have long beards. They are very decent people, outwardly. Very modest and angelic in appearance.

These are your role models. They are the ones who make your heads swell. I’m not moved by anything people say to me anymore because I know that some of you are ignoramuses who don’t see beyond physical appearances. You call angels devils and call devils angels. The ones you see as godly and responsible are the ones who keep disappointing you everyday. They are the ones killing you and spilling your blood and using you for money rituals. But, we are the outcasts. The misfits. The square pegs in a round hole.

Even the devil cannot do some of the things that Nigerians do to themselves. Most of us will complain about the government treating us badly. But, the way we citizens treat ourselves will even surprise the Creator. The hotel staff that planned and killed the man who lodged in their hotel are also Nigerians. They could be Muslims or Christians. They are people who will speak and act like normal human beings but who have beastly blood running in their systems. Miserable people!

They pounced on a human being who had blood running in his body like themselves in the night and butchered him. They have probably been doing that for a very long time until the time came for them to be exposed. It is sad that the dead man cannot be brought back to life even though the bastards have been apprehended. It is sad that a lot of people have probably died in the hands of these wicked lots. The relatives of the deceased have been thrown into endless sorrow for the loss of their loved one.

These are some of the realities of Nigeria. These are the things the inhabitants of the dark country do to themselves in pursuit of wealth. The devil has stopped killing Nigerians. It is Nigerians that are now killing themselves. We are the devils we are praying against. We are our own nightmares. We are the enemies of ourselves. Nigerians are the demons that Nigerians pray against. You can’t trust anything here. You can’t pray with both eyes closed or go to bed at night with peace of mind. It is sad. And depressing.

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