No Limits – Pursuing Your Dreams

Introduction – An Open Road
The life that is ahead of you is an open road. No obstacles. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and take away your faith in the freedom you have. What is a man then, if not a master of his own life? Free to choose and steer his own ship to whatever new lands he sees.
A lot of young guys today don’t feel this freedom. They are confused and stuck in the quicksand of modern life, with a whirlwind of weights thrown on their backs. For them, everything is painted with negativity. Their desires, their values, their strengths and rights, all are judged and turned against them. In short, they are experiencing the targeting and trial of normal, masculine worldviews in the 21st century. If you too feel hampered, unable to freely pursue your goals and dreams in life, as if your hands were tied behind your back – read on. We’ll try and share some insight, shed some light on the rights that are yours and yours only, and help you get back on track and fulfill your dreams!

No Holding Back
What you need to realize is that there’s no one who can stop you from achieving your goals, as long as they’re honest and normal. If your dream is to rob a bank, then yeah, someone will stop you. Anyways, you need to sit down and think about it for a while. Let it sink in – you are free. Think of it as being the last person on earth. There’s no one around who can stand on your path. And to put it more roughly, you need to stop giving a fuck. That’s right. Who cares what some dweeb thinks of you or if he’s judging your decisions? The ones who judge are usually worthless and empty persons, with no fixed goals and dreams of their own. So who are they going to judge? Well someone who’s making an attempt in his life, of course. But lucky for you, you don’t give a flying s**t about them – you’re doing your own thing, living your own life to the fullest. And that in itself is a valuable, fulfilling reward.

Finding the Path
To begin your path fully, you need to decide on which one it’s going to be. What do you want to do with your life?  Because as we mentioned previously, a man without purpose is lost and wandering, drifting in a stormy sea.
Don’t allow yourself to say: “My dreams are too wild.” Never say: “My hopes are impossible.” If your dreams are within the boundaries of reason, then you better be certain they can be reached. It might take time, but you’ll get there eventually.
And at that point where you can see your path lying before you, when you know just what you wish to pursue in life, then simply begin. Take that first step and start walking your path. And never, ever look back. As time progresses and successes amount, you won’t even think to look back on where you came from, knowing that you accomplished a lot and rose immensely.

Walking the Path
All things considered, what you need to do ultimately, and simply put – man up. You need to utter that crude but determined “I don’t give a f**k”, and you need to say it in the face of the world. This means that whatever you decided to follow in life – is the law and the holy word. For you. Anyone don’t like it, is their issue. Because you see, a truly masculine trait is doing what you want and what you deem to be right. All great man remembered through history did just that – the right thing despite the haters. And know this: people will try and dethrone you once you start becoming something and someone. But it’s all good. Because as they say: “Show me a man without enemies, and I’ll show you a man who never stood for s**t.” Etch your belief in your mind.

Conclusion – The Guiding Star
In the end, what every person needs in their life is a goal. A fixed compass and a guiding star that will give them all the needed motivation to keep going, despite all the s**t life throws at us. You must find that guiding star and follow it no matter what. If you feel drifting, pathless in this life as a leaf that is thrown about by the winds, and you cannot find anything to yearn for and to fight for in life, then something is wrong and you need to fix it asap. To learn how just to fix it, you can read our previous articles on Negromanosphere, and stay tuned for more articles to come.

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