No More Angels! Breaking Up the Myths

You’re opening your eyes to the world. You’re young and full of perspective. You want to love and feel. That’s awesome. But before you head out there in search of riches, bitches and all of that good stuff, there are crucial things to keep in mind. And one of them relates to the women that prowl the streets of every 21st century town.
Yes, prowl. That is exactly the word we intend to use here, because what those women turned into – is nothing short of deserving that verb.  Why?
Well, start with the complete loss of morals and decency, then add a bit of greed and lack of love to give, and top it all of with a hefty amount of frigid ice. What you get is a thot. What you get is not what you need in life, if you want to succeed. So, today’s article will deal with this issue, and try to give you an important goddamn advice – don’t put ‘em on the pedestal! Because brother, there are no more angels! It’s time to break up those myths. Only then will men be able to achieve their goals and succeed fully in life. Read on – it’s time to get down to brass tacks.

Get Your Head Out of Your A**
There’s usually two distinct types of men out there today. Two types of modern, urban men. The ones who are on their game, looking straight ahead and chasing success – paper, housing, reputation and family. They probably learned some important lessons early on, and chose to leave the “chasing pussy” part in their past. Good for them. And in nine out of ten cases with these men, the conclusion will be that they are successful, rich and above all happy with their lives.
Then, there’s the other type of men. The chasers. Men that are so dependent on women and pussy, that they will put it on the pedestal, above all else. They put all else in the shadows in order to improve their chances of getting laid and finding “that one girl”. In the process they usually squander their money (hoes ain’t free), they adopt decadent habits (drugs, alcohol, junk food), and lose the track of their path, their game. Now, the biggest flaw with this second type of men, and the cause of their trouble, is the fact that they still believe the myth that there is a perfect girl out there, a little angel waiting just for them. Well, newsflash – ain’t no such thing.
Granted, there are decent women out there, ready to live a normal and family-oriented life, but this is such a goddamn rarity. And that is the worst part of all.

Find Your Dignity
But we need to ask important questions, right? As always on Negromanosphere. And the important question today is – what led to this complete loss of normal values? Let’s talk real now. Why is a casual, quiet, normal life with a family, a life of mutual respect and co-habitation, such a rarity and why is it becoming so obsolete?
Why are women so lacking in morals and decency? And when the time comes for it, should men accept to marry a woman that’s been ridden more times than a children’s carousel in a fun park? It does sound rough and straight to the point, but it’s the goddamn truth.
But we needn’t attack the women only. Men are also in a problem here, and it’s directly related to this loss of morality in women. So, should men also accept to chase these bitches and one night stands and in turn completely abandon all ideas of starting a family, getting a house and furthering their family and their name?
If you think about it, you will realize that this is one connected and vicious circle which only keeps going on and on. Loss of morals leads to promiscuity and lack of suitable partners, thus furthering the trend of casual sex and one night stands, and just like that the problem gets no solution.
What we need to ask ourselves is – where does this problem come from? Who pushed us into this vicious social chaos? And most importantly, what can we do to solve this problem?
Black men and White men alike – we need to stand together. Because we are all affected by this problem.

And the first step towards a solution is ACTION! We and only we, can stop indulging, and stop taking these decadent lifestyles for granted. One man, then two, then three, then a thousand – it can spread, and we have that power. So, our message to you is – there are no more angels, and you can see it. So change it. Say no to thots, say no to drugs and squandering your money, say no to decadence. Fight for your people, by finding a job, a home, a person to start a family with. One step at a time, and a change can come.
Do you think that society and women have gone to extremes? Is it hard to find decent women and start a family? Is it hard to establish trust? And do you enjoy this modern lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below, and share your insights into the situation. We’re looking forward to hear your opinion.

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