No Regrets – Learn From Everything

“I regret doing this”, “I shouldn’t have ever done that…” and any similar grumbling and self pity is so often heard these days, and most often with young and up and coming guys. In truth, it ain’t no secret that each and every one of us makes a misstep once in a while, as, after all, it’s not all that easy. But it’s the fact of how we deal with these mistakes that makes a difference. Let’s get one thing clear – there ain’t no perfect, mistake-free life. Hell, I myself have done some downright stupid shit over the years. Stupid shit was also done to me. But do I regret any of it? Hell naw.
And neither should you regret mistakes in your past. Read on as we discuss why exactly is no mistake a bad thing, and can in fact give you so much insight and strength for your future. You only need to know how and why. Read on!

The School of Hard Knocks
We like to say that every important lesson in life is paid for. Sometimes you realize that, sometimes you don’t, but they are always paid for. And often you pay with your mistakes. Sometimes it is embarrassment, sometimes you’re used up, and sometimes it’s more serious, but either way, each of these occurrences can teach you a mighty big lesson.
Because, what is life if not a big school of hard knocks. When it gets you down, all there is to it is to get up and learn how to not fall again.
So, from now on, take a different approach to your past. No more regrets, even if your past decisions were dumb. Instead, think to yourself what you got to learn from that experience, and cherish that knowledge you gained. A thot dumped you? Understand where you made a mistake and don’t ever repeat it again. (Getting mixed up with a thot was mistake #1, tbh). Did you invest your money, but made no profits? Retrace your steps, and next time do it better, or don’t do it at all. Whatever the mistake, I’m willing to bet that a lot can be learned from it. And when you realize how to do it differently, how not to make the same mistakes over and over again, well then, then life becomes that much easier for you.

Fall, Then Get Up
In the end, what we’re aiming at is the fact that moping about your past and repeatedly going over the mistakes you made, and the injustices that were done to you, you need to take a better healthier, more masculine approach. Shrug it off. Simply shrug it the fuck off, and be done with it. Let bygones be bygones as they say. Treat every day as a new, fresh page, and just don’t flick through them that much.
True enough, many of us had tough lives so far, filled with bad and ugly experiences, treachery and trickery, bad women and worse friends. But there’s no reason for that shit to bring us down, or make us sad, etc. I say: Fuck ‘em. They took us for granted, tried to bring us down, though that our mistakes will drag us down. But from all of it, we come out stronger and much more determined.  So, for all the bullshit, we are thankful. For it taught us a lot of important things, things that we will never repeat again. When life brought us down, we got back up, shrugged it off, and kept going on.

After all is said and done, we can all agree that moaning and moping about the things that have happened, is simply of no use to anyone. They happened, it’s done, time cannot be reversed. Will moping about change anything?
Future is where men need to place their focus, and to strive towards it without a single doubt. And when they know to avoid past mistakes, it only makes them that much more invincible!
What was your biggest lesson from the past? Have you ever stepped twice in the same puddle, as they say? Let us know in the comments below, and share your insights with the fellow readers. We look forward to your input!

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