Non-Select Guys Have A Right To Their Own Interests, Too

As Black America continues to diverge along gender political lines, Non-Select Guys must learn that they have a right to their own political interests

“I believe in action on all fronts by whatever means necessary.”
-Malcolm X

Last week I wrote an open letter to an old nemesis of mine, one Ms. Sophia A. Nelson, Esq.(?), about her recent Twitter foolishness in insulting our Commander in Chief, Pres. Donald Trump. She has a right to her opinion, though, as disreputable as it may be; but the great thing about being an American is that I have just as much a right to call her out on her deplorably bad behavior, too. (“An Open Letter To Ms. Sophia A. Nelson, Esq.(?)”, Apr 7, 2020

My open letter gave me a chance to discuss something that’s occurring in Black America that relatively few are talking about; last month, a very good article appeared on the Vox Media website, entitled “The gender gap in black views on Trump, explained”. It’s a powerful read – in part because it’s from a a trusted Left-leaning source – but also because of the truly great points the article brings up. I strongly urge my readers – Black America’s Non-Select Guys – to check it out. It repays very close study.

In a nutshell, the Vox piece makes the point that Black male and female voting interests are beginning to diverge, with a small but growing and influential group of Black men supporting the GOP and by extension, Trump (or is that the other way around?). Meanwhile, Black women continue to support the Democrats to the tune of nearly 100% – and – have a visceral dislike of Trump personally and the GOP overall. Numerous reasons were given for why this is the case and again, I urge the reader to check it out for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

I’ve been saying for years both on-air and in print that this would eventually happen, in large part because, as much as many “Professional Blacks” (That is to say, Black folk who make their daily bread in one way or another based on how “Black” they are and how we still chafe under the yoke of a “legacy of slavery” and some such nonsense) are loathe to admit it, the truth is that “The Big R” (Read: Racism) is simply no longer the single biggest challenge facing Black America in the 21st century. That’s DOUBLE the number of Black men who support Trump today than four years ago, is proof of that fact.

The simple truth is, that today, the single biggest challenge facing Black America is NOT “racism” – but rather, the sobering fact that Black men and women can’t get along…and now that fact is starting to play itself out at the ballot box on the national level, where the fate of Presidents is decided.

But what I want to focus on in today’s column, is this: What ARE the interests of the Non-Select Guy and what does that look like politically? I would like to suggest three major areas, again sourced from the aforementioned Vox article, that make the case. Read on!

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Let’s start with one that is par for the course on the GOP side of the aisle – business. The Republican Party has always been seen as the party of business, so when the Vox piece argues that one reason for the spike of Black male support for the GOP and its standard bearer, Donald Trump, being due to Black men seeing the Republican Party as being friendly to their aspirations of being the masters of their own destiny along business and commerce lines, it again makes sense. Love him or hate him (And for the record, I love the guy, was an “early adopter” supporter of his going back to when I first started my podcast career five years ago, have been a staunch supporter of his in the years since and have every intention on God’s green earth of voting for him again this fall – assuming of course, that there will be elections held!), Trump has proven himself to be quite the successful businessman. And many Black men admire his gumption and moxie to succeed against all the odds – first in the cutthroat shark tank that is the Manhattan, NYC real estate market and construction; next, going into the casino and hotel resort business and doing well at that; and finally, making the move to reality television with his popular “The Apprentice” show for years. Black men are inspired by Trump’s style and verve and take cues from his take on doing business, his shrewd and savvy way of sizing things up quickly and his uncanny ability to take advantage of situations and often turn the tables on his adversaries. Put this together with the GOP’s more traditional “lower taxes, fewer regulations and less big gov’t intervention” and it would make sense for aspirational Black men who would like to succeed in business to gravitate toward the more “Can Do” spirit of the Republican Party over the Democrats, who, let’s be frank, has become the party of victimology, grievance and intersectionality.

Lower taxes, less red tape and being wary of the heavy hand of government intervention in the free association of people per the free market is personally deeply appealing to me, I freely admit it. I grew up in the shadow of my dad and grand dad, both of whom carved out their own destinies as Black businessmen and often had to deal with lawmakers in order to get things done. So I am no stranger to this sort of thing and in fact, embrace it as part of my birthright. It is deeply comforting to know that I am not alone.

Moreover, let’s be honest here, the way to get ahead in American life is through education, family and hard work. Black Americans may want to scoff at this, but our lying eyes see something else – we see other non-White groups and individuals, pulling ahead of us. For Non-Select Guys in particular, the American Way is the great equalizer – we can get to be “Mr. Somebody”, too. We know better than anyone that studying hard, working hard and playing by the rules has gotten real world results for us, even while it often makes us reviled by “our people”. No matter – more and more Black men are “coming out” as proud Black Republicans and are taking their place at the Chamber of Commerce meetings around the country. It is a welcome and long overdue sight for sore eyes.

Second, again keeping the Vox article in mind, more Black men are making it known that they do not agree with the “egalitarian” and to be frank, feminist views of most Black women these days. It’s one thing to believe in such ideals when you have to get along on the job (Thanks, #MeToo!); but it’s something else when you actually have to LIVE with that stuff under your own roof. Let’s face it, the same Black women who tout their education and achievements on the job either can’t or won’t “turn it off” when they get home – and the net result is nothing short of a battlefield. Who wants to live with or like that?

Without question, Black women for whom it applies – and according to the Vox piece, we’re looking at NINETY-FOUR PERCENT OF THEM – have every right to live their lives as they see fit. Many black women view the Republican Party as White and patriarchal and again, I’m cool with that. But the evidence is clear that a not insignificant number of Black men don’t agree with Black women on gender roles and how that plays out in the home in terms of relationships, dating and marriage. Personally, I see this as a good thing, because, now that the Big R is no longer a major factor in Black American life, Black men and women no longer have to tolerate and put up with each other in the name of dealing with a bigger fish to fry. This frees up both Black women and men to associate with those of likemind regardless of color, to be with those who share their same values. Indeed, the Pew Research Center shows all of us that this idea of Americans wanting to live among those who share similar political views is by no means nothing new; now, it will simply be carried over into Black American life along gender lines (“7 things to know about polarization in America”, Jun 12, 2014).

Black men who are a bit more old-fashioned and traditional in terms of their mating patterns will want to call the shots in their home – and since, all the bills come to the house in their name, that’s as it should be. Black women have demonstrated a marked tendency to be “new women” when it suits them and to be “traditional” when it suits them – usually, when it’s time for the men to ante up or do the heavy lifting. Of course, Black women want to pick and choose as to when they’re to be traditional – and they definitely DO NOT want to be submissive to ANY (Non-Select) Black man. Again, cool – just take that OVER THERE. That, is what Black men are increasingly saying at the voting booth.

The third and final major of political interest for the Non-Select Guy has to do with what the Vox article noted about how Black women see themselves and each other; they are very “community focused” and see themselves as a kind of group or bloc. Nothing wrong with that, only that Black women look to the government to fund their needs in a way that an increasing number of Black men – like us – do not.

Look, everyone by now knows how Black women in the main roll – they want to be strong and independent on your dime. Think about it – if you’re anything like me, you’ve never gotten over by way of Affirmative Action, you’ve never had to rely on Sallie Mae or for that matter Freddie Mac and you certainly haven’t had to plead for Section 8 or WIC. Black women up and down the socioeconomic chain rely heavily on the government for things women of other races simply do not to anywhere near the same degree – and the reason for how and why that is, is very simple. Black women are the least married, most divorced and most Baby Mama’d up group of women in the country – and again, if that’s how they want to live their lives, so be it. I, for one, simply do not wish to PAY for it. It’s their body, their choice, THEY PAY.

Nobody ever gave me anything in this world – everything I’ve got I worked damned hard to get it. And I would have it no other way. So, it really chaps my hide when these ladies come through on their high horses with their attitudes, sound and fury, and expect hardworking taxpaying brothers like ME, to bail them out. Motown and Wall Street may be “too big to fail” but Black women who vote overwhelmingly for the Welfare State Party, are NOT.

Just about every single social ill you can think of that has bedeviled Black America for more than several generations can be traced not only to the breakdown of the Black family, but to the “Great Society” welfare state programs that fueled and undergirded it. I want no part of keeping that kind of perverted, twisted regime alive – not on my watch and not with my tax dollars. Thankfully, more and more brothers are waking up and voting not only with their feet but also with their wallets.

Just these three points above are more than enough to make the case as to how and why more and more Non-Select Guys in Black America are trending in favor of the GOP – and that’s a good and welcome thing. Black women have long had their own interests to look after.

It’s time we had ours.

Now adjourn your asses…


Mumia Obsidian Ali is a citizen journalist, podcaster, talk radio show host, newly minted dating coach and soon to be book author. You can catch his daily live shows on the global livestreaming radio website Mixlr, as well as the all-new members-only Obsidian Radio Zoomcast, and his podcasts on YouTube and Black Avenger TV, as well as his weekly dating coach column at the Negromanosphere website. He’s also a semi-professional pest.

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