Obsession – Learning from C.T. Fletcher

C.T. Fletcher

Introduction to Obsession
Whenever I am in need of some inspiration, some motivation to get me going when I feel under the weather, I quickly reach out to those places which can give me a boost, a few encouraging words that will give me hope. For many of you, Negromanosphere could be that place, and we hope that our articles can give you hope. And today, we’ll share with you one of OUR own biggest inspirations, and a motivation that will set you on fire.
For a long time now, C.T. Fletcher, his works and his accomplishments, and moreover, his motivational speeches, were a great source of inspiration for us. And now, we are sharing that inspiration with you.
C.T. Fletcher is an American power lifter, actor, personal trainer and bodybuilder. He was a three time World Bench Press Champion, as well as three time World Strict Curl Champion. His journey is full of inspiration, a dedication to the things he loves, and a fight to achieve his dreams and goals. And today, even though C.T. is 59 years old, his journey is still well under way. And now he decided to share his story, to share his thoughts and give young guys like us hope and a push in the right direction. And the key word of his message – Obsession!

Risen from the Ashes
I can, I will, I must – these are the tree tenets of Fletcher’s message, the three pillars that hold up every endeavor you undertake. The main body of C.T.’s message is the fact that no matter what you do in life, you need to give it your all. Or better yet – You can, you will and you must give it your best, your 100% effort. Because, at the end of the day, if you know that you had just a little bit more to give, and you didn’t, then you lied to yourself. It’s enough that only you know this.
“Greatness cannot be achieved without obsession” is one of C.T.’s best quotes, and it holds so much weight and importance. Approaching everything you do with a healthy dose of obsession is the best recipe for success. Whether it’s the gym, the job, the passion, the family, it doesn’t matter – what matters is the fact that you are obsessed with it, with only success in your mind. Because making small sacrifices for success is so, so worth it.
In the course of his power lifting and bodybuilding career, the world champion C.T. Fletcher was an icon, a legend and amongst the best.  Six times world champion, there was no doubt that Fletcher was dedicated to power lifting, putting his soul and his heart into it, and writing his name into history. But sadly, his successes were hampered by a series of heart issues that were life threatening and quickly impacted C.T.’s life and career. At age 42, he was no longer what he used to be, being disabled by a heart condition that ran for generations in his family.

The following years saw Fletcher undergoing endless hospital visits, and open heart surgery. During the course of this surgery, C.T. Fletcher flat-lined – and effectively died – three times, and was brought back. Eventually, after years of troubles, he received a successful heart transplant in 2018, after an eleven hour surgery. Since then, C.T. is back doing what he loves, with a renewed outlook on life, this time stronger than ever.  His own words signify the importance of his strong will and dedication: “I’m not down, I’m not done, I’m not through!”

One thing is certain about C.T. – he is a man that never surrenders. He mentions how a slightly mocking comment from a young doctor, who asked him : “What the hell happened to the great C.T. Fletcher?”, compelled him to get back on track and give it his utmost best.
Nowadays, C.T. is admired for his motivational speeches, his successes and his powerful looks. He is also the owner of Iron Addicts gym in Signal Hill, California.

C.T. Fletcher’s story is definitely an inspirational one, giving everyone a boost of hope. I remember one time, after a slow and hard session in the gym, on my way back I put on the best motivational speech from C.T., and was instantly pumped again. You can see this motivational speech here: “I can, I will, I must!”
What motivates you to go the extra mile? What makes you give it your best? Let us know in the comments below. Until the next time – Keep Conquering!

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