Old School Game is Eternal

I work to share what many call “Old School Game” with younger men and sometimes teenagers.   Now it’s called Old School Game because quite frankly in the age of social media and online dating, the technology of dating has changed.   Recently in a public forum a presumably young man commented that some Old School Game I shared was outdated and out of style.   I laughed like I always do when young men make boastful statements to those who know better.  I calmly informed him that despite the new technology and the seeming changes that Old School Game will always be valid.   Allow me to explain why I say this.

At the core of game is sex.   Regardless of the new technology, new terminology, seemingly new insights by those who call themselves relationship experts, the bottom line is that everything comes down to whether a man can get sex from a woman.   No matter what mating strategies are used, all paths lead to sex.   Now whether these paths work is another thing.   Judging from the amount of sexual anorexia that is increasing in society apparently many of these strategies are not working.   Old School Game, however, still works.

People have been having sex for millions of years.   Successfully having sex at that.  Every single person reading this blog is a living testament to that statement.   Our ancestors, particularly the men, obviously figured out what worked.   Either through direct observation or being instructed by older men, younger men coming into adulthood were able to have sex and reproduce with women.    Only in the arrogance of the younger generation we have now would they think these methods have all of sudden stopped working.   No they still work.  The issue is many young men are disconnected from older men.

One issue we have in the Black community is that many young men are raised in single mother households.   Many of these young men have minimal contact with their fathers or any other older man who can provide guidance.   It is not always a case of the fathers staying away as many Black women purposely work to separate the fathers from their sons.  At least in terms of influence.   Another dynamic is when the father is present in the home but for a variety of reasons the father is unable or unwilling to impart valuable knowledge about mating to his son.

Many Black boys grow up learning the game from either other clueless boys or from their mothers which in most cases can be problem.  The biggest issue being that most women prefer to present an idealized version of relationship dynamics to their sons.   In other words they try to mold their sons into their fantasy image of a man which, the sons find out the hard way, doesn’t work well when dealing with real life relationship dynamics.

Getting back to the young man who stated that my style of game is old and outdated, I simply responded that the Old School Game will never be outdated.   The reason, I said, was that women still have vaginas.   The function of those vaginas have not changed in millions of years.   Which means female nature hasn’t changed in millions of years.   What women responded to in one million BC is the same thing that responded to in 2016 AD.   Cultural norms have changed.  Empires have risen and fallen.   Human species have appeared and disappeared.   Through it all their vaginas still worked.

Old School Game is simple time tested methods that have allowed men to have sex and reproduce with women.   Yes there are cultural contexts that modify some things but everything still comes down to basic nature.  A man’s penis goes into a woman’s vagina.   Old School Game simply taps into that basic nature.  It will always be eternal.

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