How I overcame My Fear of Talking to Women Part 1

Stop Choking

I grew up in a low income Ultra Christian household, with my parents are my 7 other siblings. My mother watched soap operas every weekday afternoon. While watching these soap operas, I saw successful men meeting beautiful women on TV. Shortly thereafter, the new couples would kiss and eventually have sex. The dating/mating process seemed so easy, on TV. Once the TV show was over, I would go into the bathroom and stare into the mirror. I often wore old “Hand Me Down Clothes”. My hair was rarely cut.

My sisters would often tell me that I didn’t “Have Game”. I always rebutted that I did, indeed “Have Game”. Afterwards, they would tell me that I needed to “Get Fresh”. As a child, I was too young to work. As a teenager, I made such low wages, I was unable to afford many fashion garments that the “Dope Boys” and well dressed boys wore. In addition to that, Sometimes, I even bought my sisters clothing and shoes from time to time. In the Detroit Public Schools, and in most black school districts, the boys that were the best dressed, got the most attention from the girls. I couldn’t compete on the fashion level, so I had to find another way to compete for the attraction of girls.

All in all, I lived a low income, sheltered, ULTRA Christian childhood. I went through my puberty years scared to talk to girls. No one taught me how to flirt with the girls. I wasn’t exposed to, or hung out with many of the guys that flirted with a lot of women. So, I didn’t know which lines worked most effectively. In many ways, I became shy, because, of my anxiety of not knowing what to say to get a girl’s phone number. Many times, I saw young women that I liked, I just stared and remained silent. I didn’t want to get embarrassed or slapped, for saying the wrong things, like my sisters said that I would. So, I remained silent, until the women left my vicinity.

At the age of 17, I got tired of missing my chances to meet these pretty girls of Detroit!!!! I had this unsatisfied sex drive that wouldn’t let me rest. One day, I went to a local record store. As I browsed the store, I found the comedy section, which had many cassette tapes of the LATE GREAT RUDY RAY MOORE!!!!! I remembered him from a movie that my Uncle Brian showed me when I was 15. That movie is called, “The Human Tornado”. Please don’t tell my MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very soon after getting those tapes, I began memorizing the entire content of comedic jokes and tales on those tapes. It was the wildest shit that I have ever heard!! Within a month, I bought every tape that I could find on Rudy Ray Moore. One day, I came up with an ingenious idea. Approach a woman and ask her if you could tell her a joke! The single most joke that I started the conversation is this one:

“A boy baby and a girl baby were laying in a bed, all of a sudden the girl baby cried out Rape! Rape! The Boy baby cried out, Shut up and roll over. You’re laying on your pacifier!!!”    

The joke worked well with over 99% of the women that I approached. The more women that I approached the more chances I got to work my newly found skills. I immediately would start telling other jokes until I Pussied out and walked away, without getting their phone numbers. Every time that I walked away from without my goal, their phone numbers, I would have a feeling of deep remorse. I didn’t like letting myself down. Even more, I didn’t like not getting what I wanted out of life. My biggest enemy was me. I had to become my best friend, if I was going to start getting some of these girls.

Guys, you can say almost anything respectively to women, with a smile on your face. Always maintain eye contact. Take control of the conversation. Many women want a man that takes the lead and comes to get them. They want you to be confident in your skin. When approaching women, you shouldn’t show signs of weakness like shyness, stuttering, looking around, looking in the air, like you’re trying to figure out what to say. You just might appear to be lying, and being full of shit. Don’t be afraid. Women will easily sense your weakness. When women sense that you’re weak, they will attempt to play you, or embarrass you. When they attempt to play you, they don’t respect you. Getting your respect is the name of the game. Jokes are the ice breaker. Soon after telling jokes you should converse with them to develop camaraderie and evaluate your compatibility,which is getting to the REAL BUSINESS of  Why you’re REALLY THERE!!!!!!!!   

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