Pastors Are Not Angels

It is so easy to look at men of God and think they can put an end to all your troubles. It is very easy to look at them and conclude they have the solution to every problem on earth. However, as Africans, we shouldn’t forget that men of God are born by women. We shouldn’t neglect the fact that men of God are also men of men. Although most of them do put themselves on a high pedestal, they are still humans and are also capable of making mistakes. Most of us Africans put these men in trouble most times by expecting too much from them.


No matter the level of the spirituality of anyone, it is impossible to become angels. No matter how holy anyone presents themselves to be, the humanity in them will still manifest. You can speak in the tongues of angels and gods, but you can never become angels and gods. Humans will be humans. Gods will be gods. Angels will be angels. When you go to a man of God and you tell him everything about your life, you must remember that you are opening up your life to a human being. He has the probability of hurting you in future.


I want you to know this: men of God have their own troubles. They have their own problems. They are not immune to the challenges of life. They feel pain. They thirst. They feel hunger. They urinate and defecate like normal human beings. It is funny how some of us see these men of God as people who don’t visit the toilet. When they mount the pulpit and speak in public, we can be tempted to think that everything about them is perfect. We may think they don’t have excesses like the rest of us. But they are also imperfect human beings.


When you look at some humans, you will think they don’t fuck. You will think they don’t even know what is called sex. They will look as perfect as angels. They will appear so innocent and docile. But, it may surprise you that these people who look so innocently simple and decent also moan during sex in the corridor of their various rooms. It may surprise you that they also kiss. They get wild on bed. They get erections. They fondle breasts and they suck breasts. Why won’t they? Are they not also humans?


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we shouldn’t respect men of God. Everyone deserves their respect. But, don’t make the mistake of rating men of God so high that you begin to treat them like God. Don’t put them in the same position with God. You must understand that, although they are God’s representatives, they are still not equal to God. Don’t rely so much on the creature that you forget the Creator. Don’t put your hopes so much on these men of God that you forget God himself. Don’t forget that pastors are channels through which God operates.


Finally, not all pastors are crooked and evil. You cannot say that because a man drove a Ford car to rob a bank, then people should not drive Ford cars. There have been great pastors in history, there are great pastors today and there will be great pastors in the future. You cannot grow by staying at home due to a bad experience at some church with some Christian or pastor. When you go to church, pay attention to God, not to pastors. Play your part in church. Pray for your pastor; he needs your prayers and encouragement because he is human. Pastors need a lot of support in the work they do.

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