Paternity Testing Should Be Mandatory At Child Birth

End Paternity Fraud NOW!

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It’s Not Your Child

No one likes being defrauded. Whether they are losing money, or time, or both. Yet, when it comes to paternity fraud very little is spoken about this in the media. Is it because it happens so infrequently, or sporadically? No, it is because in every single case the perpetrator of paternity fraud can only be one person, the mother. Many men have signed their signature on the birth certificate of a child that the mother knew was not his, yet she said nothing and allowed him to sign. While the innocent man has no clue that the child he is raising is not biologically his, the mother knows, but refuses to tell him. This is a classic case of paternity fraud. And just in case you think this doesn’t occur very often, here are the stats from Immigration And Paternity Testing Online: “Paternity fraud is very common in the United States and around the world. According to the American Association of Blood Banks a research report that was submitted by accredited parentage laboratories. The results showed three out of every ten men tested was found not to be the biological father. There were about 300,000 DNA Paternity testing cases analyzed and roughly 100,000 men were deemed not the father. It is important to note, the DNA results submitted for this study were Legal DNA testing results. No peace of mind DNA tests were a part of the study.”


She Will Withhold The Truth

For some men these numbers may be extremely hard to believe, however, I hope your eyes are opened and you can now see that this is a serious issue. Many men are raising children that they believe are biologically their own and the women are remaining extremely silent about it. Worst of all there is no penalty when a woman is found guilty of paternity fraud. In every other fraud case there is some type of criminal, or civil penalty for committing the act. However, for the woman guilty of paternity fraud nothing happens to her. In fact, many people find it funny and get a kick out of it. Shows like Maury have existed for many years and make a mockery out of paternity fraud and paternity testing. A paternity test is estimated to cost no more than $60 – $200 USD. Think of how much money men could save if they would have taken a paternity test and realized that the kid they thought was biologically their own was not. Imagine how many men are on court ordered child support at this very moment for kids that aren’t biologically their own. It’s really pathetic that this is allowed to happen in the United States, a country that supposedly has liberty and justice for all. This is why paternity testing should be mandatory in the United States. The blood of the baby is taken at birth and run in a lab to determine if there are hidden illnesses and disorders. It makes perfect sense for the paternity test to be conducted at this stage. The hospital has no reason to lie about the results. Imagine the look on men’s faces when it is discovered that the baby they helped deliver and whose umbilical cord they cut was not biologically their own. There is no reason for mandatory paternity testing to not be conducted at the hospital unless the father decides to opt out. The blood of the mother is not needed since she birthed the child. All that is needed is the blood of the father to determine if there is a match. Many fathers may not want to know the results because they may already know, or have a strong gut feeling that the child is not biologically their own. This will no doubt ruin marriages, relationships, and lives but would you rather know the truth or live a lie for years and years. The mother made the decision to sleep with other men and to let them ejaculate in her and impregnate her. Therefore, it is her responsibility to take the child to the biological father and have him care for the child.

The Court Doesn’t CARE

For the men who try to seek some form of retribution in court they often walk out with a losing hand. According to Immigration And Paternity Testing Online regarding the legality of paternity fraud: “Well, fraud is illegal. Unfortunately, when it comes to establishing paternity. Many, if not the majority of men who have proven they were misled and seek retribution have fallen short in the court. The problem for most of these men is finding enough evidence that the mother intentionally misled the alleged father into believing he is the biological father of her child. Another issue men have is waiting for years to perform a DNA test. It may be in a man’s best interest to perform a paternity test soon after the child is born. Due to the lack of evidence presented in court by the alleged father. Most of the time, Mothers are seldom prosecuted for their fraudulent behavior. Hence the reason so many men are supporting children that are not biologically related to themselves.” It’s safe to say that many men are wasting their time by taking the woman to court. It’s better to have the results and simply leave the situation. Free yourself from the burden of taking care of another man’s child and years of financial strain. Mandate paternity testing at birth so that the truth can be known before men build a bond with a child that is not biologically their own.

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