The Path to Freedom – Why You shouldn’t chase women


It is a sad fact that in today’s society, men are largely falling short from the potential success and grandeur that is due them. One of the many reasons for this, is among other things – women. In this modern time the women is given a dazzling dose of unnecessary attention, a trap in which many a good man has fallen, never again to emerge. It is well known that in a time where lewdness, promiscuity and almost non-existent morals, it is the woman that is put on the pedestal, as she inherently embodies those very faults and is a vessel for their flourishing.
In the following text, we will try to approach this issue, understanding from where it springs, how it develops and how you, a rational thinking, success-seeking man, can fight it with ease.

In a League of His Own

If you are reading this text as a man who is painfully aware of the faults of the world, as well as his own faults, with a desire to work on them and fix them – then you are on a good path. Understanding your faults and negative aspects is the first virtue of a successful man in the becoming. So let us try and define what could be termed as a successful man, living to his full potential.
Ask yourself some serious questions: Are you dependent on bad habits? Bad diet, movies, porn, alcohol, procrastination? Are you jobless, do you read, dress well, take care of your body? And most of all, are you doing all you are for the goal of impressing women? If you can answer any of these questions with a honest “Yes”, then make an effort to fix it.  But remember, the most important aspect of the improvement is for whom you do it. If you are chasing that new, high-pay job, simply to have money to spend on women, then you’re doing yourself a huge disfavor. So, every improvement you do, you do for yourself and no one else. Because a real woman, the kind of woman every true man deserves, will recognize that you are a man on his own path, a man who knows what he wants and embodies success and masculinity. But if the case is opposite, you’ll simply be targeted as a sheep for sheering and a money bank. Don’t be that guy!

Understanding the Problem of Submission to Women

The problem with the 21st century woman (hats off to the exceptions) is that she is ominously aware of her “values” or better termed SMV (sexual market value), and she exploits them to the full potential, to ensure her own well being and material security. The “values” she know will help her achieve those goals, are her attractiveness, her ability to be promiscuous and hide it, and her inherent shrewdness and ability to manipulate men without self-control. It is only when she stumbles into a true alpha, a self-made independent man, that she is powerless and as is her nature – submits to him, and subsequently desires him.
Now, you are supposed to be that independent alpha. Otherwise you are playing a losing game, wasting your potential to appease the world around you instead of building a better self. For in the end, what every woman is helpless before, is a warrior – an immovable man, who does not need her nor depends on her, yet has all the values a real man must have. Such a mysterious mixture of perfection and independence is enough to land any thot into your snare.

Attaining Freedom

To reach this level of freedom, perfection and independence that we mentioned, you will need to work hard and understand just what values make you a real man. A man who is always developing and exploiting his full potential. Iron out every wrinkle, eliminating every vain, futile, needless activity and instead focusing on improvement. What you absolutely must introduce into your life are gym, or any serious form of exercise, a good diet and a well paid job, introspection and self-reflection, independence and confidence. No excuses.
Learn to be the one who is desired, and not to be the one who desires. In this simple sentence, hides the key to being alpha.


Hopefully, you found sense in at least a part of this article, and combined with the many tips and your desire for improvement, there is nothing stopping you from achieving success. But most importantly, freedom. Remember that once you stop chasing women, and focus on yourself – the women will start chasing you. And in the end, that is where the power lies.

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