Paying debt in death

the dead

When people die in the various parts of the world, humans are generally known to mourn the death of the deceased. Such mourning are done mostly by family, friends and close relatively. While at the same time, those that habour enmity towards the deceased have a sigh of huge relieve and celebrate in some cases but physically challenging the dead to meet up with certain obligations is rare and mostly unheard of.

In the West African nation of Ghana, an unlikely drama took place at a cemetery when mortuary attendants from a General Hospital trooped in not to only disrupt the interment of the deceased but also seize the remains over unpaid bills of GH¢40 (about 9 USD).

According to eyewitnesses, the mortuary worker in the company of a colleague, stormed the cemetery while the body was being interred, seized the coffin, opened it, picked out the dressed corpse and started heading back to the mortuary.

The conduct of the mortuary men shocked mourners who had gathered at the graveside to pay their last respect to the deceased – Meanwhile, family elders in the company of some friends managed to save the situation which paved the way for the deceased to be buried.

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