The Perfectly Equipped Survivor

We can all agree on the fact which we ascertained many times before. Survival is a next level game. To successfully get through it, you will need to be prepared, and preparation requires practice, study and a cold, hard logic. And once those are affirmed and mastered, what remains is the final step – outfitting. When venturing into the wilderness, you want to be certain you are equipped to the best of your abilities and thus certain in the fruitfulness of your endeavor. You need to know that nothing is missing and nothing is forgotten that can potentially leave you hanging. So read on, as we discuss the best options, equipment and load out for the perfectly equipped survivor.

Know Your Necessities
The logical aspect that precedes outfitting, is actually knowing what you need. All sufficiently prepared campers and hikers need to know what scenarios they will possibly encounter and how and with what to deal with them. This is a crucial aspect of nature survival which we thoroughly addressed in our previous articles. This preparedness is unmistakably key to surviving. Once you know the possibilities that nature has in store for you, you can adequately proceed to equipping.
Some of the logical items everyone should have with them at all times, and which should be as high quality as possible, are: a compass, detailed local map, a good knife with a fixed blade, a fire starter, and a medical kit. Recognize the importance of these items, and do not hesitate to invest in the best ones you can get.

Equipping on a Budget
A limited budget is certainly not a limitation to adequate equipping. Even if times are tight and a draft haunts thy wallet, it doesn’t mean that you can find what you need. The market is vast and many reliable producers offer items that are good even if they are cheap. The only things needed in such cases are patience and willingness to make a detailed research and find the best offer on the web or in the stores.
Consider your options. Save up and with some patience your perfect load out will grow larger and more varied.
Sometimes quality of manufacture or the popularity of the brand does not hold much importance over the usability and functionality of the item in question. A popular brand fire starter and a cheaper mid-range one will both work finely and produce the same result, even though the price difference can be quite great and needless. So think smart and save when you can.

The Perfect Load Out
The perfectly arranged load-out needs to instill confidence. You need to be sure and confident in your outfit and the ability to tackle most probable scenarios, tasks and occurrences that you might encounter in the wilderness. The basis and the foundation of your load out is your backpack. This is where all the important stuff is housed and most likely protected well enough from outside elements. Consider purchasing a traditional frame pack, most of which offer possibilities for so called “mods”, or DIY upgrades. This option can save money, but if budget is not in question, you can find an advanced frame pack with abundance of compartments and a perfected design. One thing to remember is the order in which you pack things. Thos items which will be used most often, should be placed near the top, so the rummaging is down to the minimum.
The core of a perfect outfit relies on the following aspects: preparedness, ease of access, and ease of movement. Preparedness, understandably, is about never being caught with ‘your pants down’ as they say. Thinking in advance might sound silly to some, but it might save your life. No tool or item is needless if it can serve a purpose in the wild, in some possible outcome. Ease of access is about the ability to react quickly and with ease. All important items should be placed at strategic points on your person, where they will be easily reached and quickly put to use. For example, if you put a hatchet – an item of vital importance in many situations – on the bottom of your pack, buried, you are basically eliminating it for effective use. And lastly, ease of movement. This relies on your ability to be well protected from elements by being properly dressed, but arrange so your movements are still as nimble as possible and your actions not impaired. Some careful observations and planning will go a long way in helping you develop a perfect load out.

With this short article we hope to bring you closer to the importance of preparedness in relation to camping, hiking and wilderness survival. Thinking in advance is an important necessity for every prepper, survivor and outdoorsman alike. Don’t put yourself and others at risk by being hasty and rash. Instead, be rational, patient and think in advance – the embodiment of a true survivor.

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